Thursday, 15 April 2021

Books Read: Don't Turn Around by Jessica Barry


Cait's job is to transport women to safety. Out of respect, she never asks any questions. Like most of the women, Rebecca is trying to escape something.

But what if Rebecca's secrets put them both in danger? There's a reason Cait chooses to keep on the road, helping strangers. She has a past of her own, and knows what it's like to be followed.

And there is someone right behind them, watching their every move...

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I'd like to thank Vintage Books for my copy of Don't Turn Around to review via NetGalley. I originally downloaded this eBook last year but due to a blogging slump I never got around to reading it so thanks to the invite to take part in the blog road trip earlier this week to celebrate the paperback publication, you can read an extract here, it gave me the push needed to jump this up my TBR pile and finally read. 

As soon as I started reading Don't Turn Around I had so many questions running around my head but the main ones were, why were these two strangers on a road trip together and where were they going? And it wasn't too long before the next question popped up, who was chasing them so aggressively?

The two women, Cait Monaghan and Rebecca McRae, have literally nothing in common. Cait is a young woman who works in a bar at night to make ends meet whilst trying to carve a career for herself as a freelance journalist although it would seem that one controversial article might bring everything tumbling down around her. She also volunteers at Sisters of Service, driving women to safety, which is where her path crosses with Rebecca. 

Married to an up-and-coming politician, Rebecca is not the typical client the Sisters of Service has so I instantly wondered what her story was. Why did she need to turn to strangers for help rather than her loved ones especially her husband? Once I knew more of her story my heart literally broke for her, it was a lose-lose situation no matter what decision she made.   

It's clear that both women are running away from something and it's only as the miles pass by and the drive progresses that we get a glimpse into their backgrounds and everything they have been dealing with and how the decisions they made have led them to this point. One thing's for certain, both have something to fear if the mysterious stranger catches up with them.  

The concept was certainly unique and the drive along remote highways in the middle of the night certainly provided its fair share of tension filled and dramatic moments. Such an eerie setting and the first incident on the trip alone would have made me want to turn around and go home, let alone carry on driving in the darkness not knowing whether or not they would ever feel safe again. I can't really say much more without giving anything away.  

Although Cait and Rebecca are the central characters, there are also threads with a couple of other characters and at first you're not sure of their importance and how they tie-in but it's only as the story progresses you realise the impact they play and how far they will go for their beliefs. 

Don't Turn Around was a tense and suspenseful read that had me on the edge of my seat and my heart racing as everything unfolded. I thought I had it all figured out as who was being chased and by whom but I was so wrong!  

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