Friday, 4 November 2011

Books Read: Lucy Dawson - The One That Got Away

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Molly Greene loves being married.
Exciting adventures lie ahead for her and husband Dan that will change their lives for ever, but Molly's not sure they're making the right choices.

While teetering on the brink of the biggest decision she's ever faced, she sends an impulsive message to the very last person she ought to contact, someone who should have stayed forgotten, and is now coming looking for her.

When he finds her, there is no turning back. One night is all it takes to threaten everything she holds dear - for good.

This is the latest of Lucy Dawson's books that I've read and it certainly doesn't disappoint.  After being told by her friend Joss that her ex, Leo, had tried to add her as a friend on a social network site, Molly was intrigued to search him out to see what he'd been up to since they split. Then decided to send him a message which couldn't hurt, could it?

What followed is a string of events that simply re-iterates that exes are an ex for a reason and should be left alone. After the initial messages Leo started to make regular messages and phone calls, turning up in person, trying to convince Molly that they should be together and tell their partners that they want to be together.  But all is not what it seems ....

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