Sunday, 6 November 2011

Books Read: Carole Matthews - Wrapped up in You

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A Christmas fling, or has Janie found the real thing?

Thirtysomething hairdresser Janie Johnson's single status is a constant source of gossip for her friends and clients. So after many nights in with her cat, a blind date disaster and news that her ex is getting married, Janie realises it's time to do something dramatic with her life.

It's time for an adventure!

Leaving winter behind, Janie takes the plunge and books on an exotic trip to Africa. Her friends think she's mad and Janie thinks they may well be right... then she falls head over heals for her tour guide - and fully fledged Maasai warrior - Dominic. But can Janie now face spending a snowy Christmas back home without him?

After her disastrous blind date with Lewis which resulted in her climbing out of a bathroom window to escape, and him then practically stalking her, Janie decides to book the Safari holiday that her client had raved about and had left her the brochure for.  Her friend Nina, and her neighbour Mike, think that she is mad on going on holiday on her own but she's made up her mind that she's going.

Once Janie arrives in Kiihu camp she sees that this is definitely glamping as each tent is equipped with ultimate luxury, double bed, toilet and shower.  Deciding to take a nap, Janie is awoken by a 6 ft 4 god, otherwise known as her guide Dominic.

During the following week Janie gets to experience things that she never thought she would ever do and all in the company of Dominic.  But is this just a heat of the moment holiday romance or could he really be the one? 

I could certainly emphasis with Janie as having recently turned 40 (said very quietly) and single I also have had many people try to set me up on dates without success!  Although that's where the similarity ends as I certainly would not have the balls to go on an adventure holiday on my own as too much of a wimp. 

This book is another page-turner from Carole and I would highly recommend adding this book to your Christmas wishlist if you can hang on that long. It's extremely well-written with plenty of laugh out loud moments that must have made people around me when I was reading this think I was an escapee from the nuthouse!

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