Friday, 25 November 2011

Books Read: Sophie Hannah - Lasting Damage

Source - Bought (Secondhand on Amazon)

It's 1.15 a.m. Connie Bowskill should be asleep.  Instead, she's logging on to a property website in search of a particular house: 11 Bentley Grove, Cambridge.   She knows it's for sale - there's an estate agent's board in the front garden.

Soon Connie is clicking on the 'Virtual Tour' button, keen to see the inside of 11 Bentley Grove and put her mind at rest once and for all.  She finds herself looking at a scene from a nightmare: in the living room, in the middle of the carpet, lies a woman face down in a huge pool of blood.  In shock, Connie wakes her husband Kit.  But when Kit sits down at the computer, he sees no dead body, only a pristine beige carpet in a perfectly ordinary room ...

Having read all of Sophie Hannah's previous books, this was one that I was eagerly looking forward to when it was released earlier in the summer.  

This book sounded intriguing from the offset as to whether or not Connie really did see a dead body and what is her fascination with that address anyway.  However, after a while and the introduction of many new characters, and snippets of policey evidence about people who hadn't even been mentioned yet, it started to get a bit too convulted for my liking.

Once started this was one of those books that you had to make a decision whether to give up on it or carry on reading.  I did the latter but I can definitely say that in my opinion this was her worst book to date and I only stuck with it to see whether it was all in Connie's head or not...

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