Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Books Read: Emma Hannigan - Talk to the Headscarf

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Imagine you're thirty-two, married with two small children, and you find out you're carrying a deadly cancer gene?  That was me in August 2005 when I discovered I had the BRCA1 Gene.  I chose to have a double masectomy and both ovaries removed, which reduced my risk to 5%.

I was just dressing in my victory dance outfit when my worst fears were realised.  Cancer struck anyway.  I've now battled and slayed cancer six times.  Talk to the Head Scarf is my story about how I lived, laughed and overcame some of the toughest times in my life.

If you know someone affected by cancer, or if you are a fellow 'cancer club member' I know you are scared, I was too. But you are not alone.  I am still here.  I am living proof that, against all odds, life can and does carry one. 

The score so far - Emma 6 - Cancer 0

When I first heard about this book I wasn't sure whether it was another fiction novel written by Emma, or as it in fact turned out to be, a true reflection of Emma's remarkable battle with this killer disease. When I heard it was the latter, I was not sure whether I wanted to read such a sad tale but I'm sure glad that I did as she is one truly inspirational lady. 

It seems to be strange to write this, especially considering the subject matter, but I found myself laughing out loud  (sometimes forgetting that I wasn't in the comfort of my own home) as this book has been written in Emma's usual witty style and her humour is present throughout especially when she's relating some of the conversations that she had with her husband. 

This was one book that I wanted to read long into the night as I wanted to get to hear how Emma had fought and defeated this evil disease. 

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