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Books Read: Kate Lace - Cox

Source - Received from publisher to review

Meet the members of St George's Boat Club: 
Dan - dark and brooding, he has to work day and night to achieve his dream of rowing in the London Olympics. 

Rollo - rich and arrogant, when he's not rowing he spends his time seducing women and spending money. 

Amy - a brilliant cox who catches the eye of both Dan and Rollo.

In a boat Dan and Rollo row perfectly together, but on land they despise each other. So with the addition of Amy to the mix, sporting behaviour is the last thing on their mind.
May the best man win? Not a chance.

From Henley Regatta to the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, and finally to the biggest race of their lives, their determination to settle old scores threatens to capsize everyone's plans.

I'd like to thank Arrow Books for sending me a copy of this book to review but first I have to apologise for the delay in uploading this review, I had it scheduled but then forgot to click publish so it never went live and I only noticed today that it was still sitting in my draft posts!

Although I haven't read Kate Lace's previous full-length novel, Gypsy Wedding, I had read the books that she'd written for Little Black Dress so I had high expectations for an enjoyable read and overall I wasn't disappointed.

This book centres around three main characters, Amy, a physiotherapist who also trains as a cox, Rollo, the spoilt rich kid, and Dan, the scholarship boy who has worked hard to make it for himself.  When she meets Rollo and Dan at Henley there is an immediate attraction with Dan but it's Rollo whose unwanted attention she has to fight off.

She soon bumps into them both again when she moves to Oxford for work and it's soon apparent to Amy that there is no love lost between the two men meaning that she's often caught in the middle of their feud.  But for Dan and Rollo they have to put their issues aside to work hard to achieve their goal of making the Olympics rowing team.

There were plenty of interesting characters within this book, not just Amy, Dan and Rollo, although I have to confess I didn't really warm to Rollo's character at all and at times I really wanted to shake Amy and ask her what was she doing but am really pleased with the way things turned out for her in the end.

This book definitely fits in well to the modern-day bonkbuster category with the exploits of the men and women of the rowing club with testosterone and pheromones certainly flying throughout! Cox was an enjoyable book to read in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics but I sincerely hope that our Olympic hopefuls are a bit more disciplined so as to not affect their medal prospects!  

Will Cox make it into your suitcase for your holiday reading?  You can pick up a copy today at Amazon in paperback or Kindle format. 

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