Thursday, 26 July 2012

Books Read: Sheila O'Flanagan - Better Together

Source - Received from publisher to review

Sometimes it isn't easy to win your heart's desire.

Journalist Sheridan Grey believes she's going places.  But when she loses her job, her boyfriend and her flat, the only place she's going to is a small-town newspaper - writing horoscopes and reporting on dog shows.

Home-loving Nina Fallon's life is shattered when the exploits of her actor husband become national news.  Now she's avoiding friends as she runs Ardbawn's guest-house on her own.

When Sheridan moves into the guest-house, she realises that Nina holds the key to the story that will make her name as a reporter again.  But Sheridan's desire to  uncover the past puts her on a collision course with the present, and with the man she's come to love.  Suddenly she has more to lose than she ever dreamed possible.

Is she better off going it alone?  Or is love the greatest prize of all?  

As mentioned when I reviewed All For You earlier this year, I've read all of Sheila's previous books over the last ten years so I was really pleased to be sent a proof copy of this book by Sheila's publishers, Headline, so that I didn't have to wait until next year to read this book when it's released in paperback.

When we first meet Sheridan she has it all, her dream job as a sports journalist for a city newspaper, a loving boyfriend and her best friend as a flatmate but when she's made redundant, her friend is offered a job across the border and her boyfriend announces he doesn't want to move in with her she has to make some important decisions as to her future.

After deciding that she she needs a fresh start she takes up a job on the local newspaper in the country town of Ardbawn but this job does not entail sports reporting, she's to cover the local news and write horoscopes!

She rents out a studio apartment at the local guest house run by Nina but she has to work hard to gain Nina's trust as Nina is particularly wary of journalist since the news of her husband Sean's exploits were exposed. Will Sheridan be able to help Nina to rebuild her life and gain her trust? 

But Sheridan can't bury her journalistic instincts and she soon finds herself in a spot of bother when she starts investigating one of the locals...

This was a lovely tale of how the two main characters, Sheridan and Nina, had to adjust to events that had happened in their lives and find the strength from within to adapt to their circumstances.   

Better Together is out now in Hardback or Kindle format so if this sounds like a book you'd like to read, why not order your copy today.

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