Saturday, 9 February 2013

Books Read: P.J. Tracy - Two Evils

A missing teenage girl lies dead in a parking lot. 

Two young immigrants are killed in their apartment. 

Three men are found dead in the street nearby. 

As the police struggle to establish what's happened, they realise that the deaths may not be as random as they first appear. As the killings continue, homicide detectives Magozzi and Rolseath turn to maverick computer analyst Grace MacBride for help, drawing her into an investigation that will threaten her life. 

And as the evidence mounts, it reveals terrifying intent. Ultimately, it forces the two detectives to make a dreadful choice: down which path does the lesser of two evils lie..

Two Evils is the first book I've received this year from the Real Readers review program which is how I first got into doing book reviews.  It's book 6 in the Monkeewrench series by mother and daughter writing duo, P. J. & Traci Lambrecht, writing under the pseudonym P.J. Tracy,  but unfortunately I hadn't previously read the other 5 books in the series which might have helped with a bit of background to the main characters and their relationships.

At first homicide detectives Gino and Magozzi think they are dealing with a series of seemingly unrelated murders but once they start investigating it soon becomes clear that these are not as random as they once thought and that there may infact be a connection between them all.

Meanwhile computer analyst Grace MacBride finds herself caught up in what seemed like another unrelated event whilst on vacation with ex FBI agent John Smith, but when she returns home to Minneapolis she and her Monkeewrench colleagues soon find themselves caught right in the middle of the action.

Two Evils was a bit of a slow burner for me, with all the different supposedly unrelated crimes, but once the links started appearing then I was hooked and read the last 150 or so pages in one go as I wanted to find out how it was all going to end.

This book could be read as a standalone, as I had done, but as mentioned previously I think it's probably better if you had read the other books previously to follow the dynamics between the Monkeewrench crew and the detectives. 

Overall it's not bad as a crime novel and I'm sure that I'll probably read the other books in the Monkeewrench series at some stage in the future.

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