Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine Feature Week Review & Giveaway: Kelly Hunter - The Trouble with Valentine's

This Valentine's falling in love could be murder...

Hallie Bennett loves flirting with danger. So when a man with trouble written all over him walks into her shoe shop, she finds him impossible to refuse. 

Nick needs a "wife" for a week to seal a Hong Kong business deal, Hallie needs £5,000. It might not be the most traditional Valentines Day proposal, but shes hardly a traditional girl... 

Two beautiful (and borrowed) Tiffany rings later, and Hallie's on her way to live the high life. But the trip comes with a deadly twist. 

Will Hallie survive the week with her body - and her heart - intact?

After receiving a couple of Valentine's related books to review I decided to make them part of a Valentine Feature Week on the blog which will include reviews, a giveaway, interviews and a guest post.  First up is this review for The Trouble with Valentine's

Hallie is currently temping at an exclusive shoe shop in London whilst trying to save money to enable her to continue her studies, it's not her dream job but it serves its purpose. So imagine her surprise on Valentine's Day when she gets an unexpected proposal from Nick, the son of a customer, asking her to be his pretend wife for a week for a business deal.

So after careful consideration... of all of 5 seconds it seemed... Hallie is soon meeting up with Nick to find out more about what the trip will entail.  Soon the two of them are jetting off to Hong Kong where they will be staying with Nick's business acquaintance, John Tey, where they'll need to be convincing that they are a couple... which shouldn't be a struggle as there's enough sexual attraction between the two of them to power the national grid. 

But before too long strange things start happening around them which is putting their lives in danger....

I have to say that although I did enjoy the sexual tension build-up of Hallie and Nick's relationship, I actually much preferred the sweet and innocent relationship brewing between Jasmine, John's teenage daugther, and Kai, their bodyguard and hope they get their own story in the future so that we can see how their relationship has progressed.

There's the famous saying 'Don't judge a book by its cover' and I have to admit that if I'd just seen the cover alone, I probably would not have picked this book as one to read.  But the saying is definitely true for this book as The Trouble with Valentine's was such a fun, light-hearted book that helped pass the hours on a cold, dreary Saturday.

So you've read the review above so how would you like to win a copy to read for yourself?  You would, then fortunately you're in luck as thanks to the lovely Chloe at Cherish PR I have an additional copy of the book to give away to one lucky reader.

I've decided to give Rafflecopter a go for this giveaway, never used it before so fingers crossed it works OK!  Due to financial constraints I am going to have to restrict this giveaway to UK entrants only but I promise I will run some International giveaways shortly as soon as my finances pick up.

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