Thursday, 2 May 2013

Books Read: Amy Bratley - The Antenatal Group

Seven months pregnant, Mel is dumped by her partner and is suddenly facing parenthood alone. 

But at her antenatal class, she meets a group of women who quickly become invaluable friends in the terrifying new world of birth and babies . . . 

Katy – rich, successful and with the dream husband – has her delivery planned to perfection. But she soon realizes that nature doesn’t always follow suit. 

Lexi, loud and confident, is coping well on her own. Until the only man she has ever loved reappears at the most unexpected moment. 

Rebecca is the youngest of the group – not long out of her teens, in fact –but she’s determined to hold onto her dreams, even without her family’s support. 

Erin already seems to be an expert on babies, but her quiet nature hides a secret tragedy. 

When you’re contemplating pain relief, birth positions and sleepless nights you really need a good friend – or four.

Heavily pregnant Mel is looking forward to the birth of her first child with boyfriend Leo but it doesn't look like the last few weeks of her pregnancy are going to be easy as Leo suddenly announces that he doesn't want to be a father whilst they're on the way to their first antenatal class.  Mel's not looking forward to the prospect of attending the classes solo and certainly doesn't expect to find a whole network of new friends.

On paper none of these women have much in common apart from the fact that they are pregnant and are going to be first-time mums.  As well as Mel there's single thirty-something Lexi has decided to take matters into her own hands and has used a sperm donor to get pregnant, youngster Rebecca who along with her rocker boyfriend Lenny will have to grow up fast once they become parents, Katy is a busy businesswoman who's determined to prove that you can do it all, be a wife, have a successful career and be a good mother, and then there's reserved Erin who is hiding a tragic secret that's preventing her from enjoying her pregnancy.

But as the weeks pass and they get to know each other they all find that it's this unique group of friends who they'll be able to turn to in their hour of need for comfort and support.

The Antenatal Group is the second book by Amy Bratley that I've read and is definitely my favourite of the two.  It's a beautifully written story about the camaraderie that these five women build whilst preparing for the births of their first children and their different experiences, both good and bad, of labour.

I'd like to thank Roisin at Midas PR for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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