Sunday, 30 June 2013

Crime Fiction Week Sneak Peeks: Michael Robotham - Say You're Sorry & Watching You

I've loved all the suggestions I received from publicists for books to feature and/or read during this crime fiction feature week but the only problem was there were so many to choose from and not enough time to feature them all.

One of the authors that was recommended to me was Michael Robotham who I have to confess I had never heard of before... I know, I know, have I been living under a stone?!  He has two books being published in the next couple of months, Say You're Sorry in paperback on 18th July and Watching You in Hardback and eBook on 1st August. Both sound really good and have been added to my Amazon wishlist along with the other books in the series.  

My name is Piper Hadley and I went missing on the last Saturday of the summer holidays three years ago.

When Piper and her friend Tash disappeared, there was a huge police search, but they were never found. Now Tash, reaching breaking point at the abuse their captor has inflicted on them, has escaped, promising to come back for Piper. 

Clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin and his stalwart companion, ex-cop Vincent Ruiz, force the police to re-open the case after Joe is called in to assess the possible killer of a couple in their own home and finds a connection to the missing girls. But they are racing against time to save Piper from someone with an evil, calculating and twisted mind.

Marnie Logan often feels like she's being watched. Nothing she can quite put her finger on - a whisper of breath on the back of her neck, or a shadow in the corner of her eye - and now her life is frozen. Her husband Daniel has been missing for more than a year. Depressed and increasingly desperate, she seeks the help of clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin. 

Joe is concerned by Marnie's reluctance to talk about the past, but then she discovers a book packed with pictures, interviews with friends, former teachers, old flames and workmates Daniel was preparing for her birthday. It was supposed to be a celebration of her life. But it's not the story anyone was expecting...

Will you be reading either of these books this summer? 

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