Friday, 27 September 2013

Books Read: Claire Dyer - The Moment

Paddington station, nine a.m., rush hour. As the crowds ebb and flow, time suddenly stands still for two people: Fern and Elliott, ex-lovers who parted twenty-five years before and never expected to see each other again.

But here they are, face to face, and the connection is as powerful as it was the day they first met. Their lives have moved on - to marriage, children and divorce - yet neither has stopped regretting the day that drove them apart.

Fern gives Elliott her number and they tentatively arrange to meet again that evening when both will be travelling back through the station. And, as the day ticks on, and the memories resurface, both Fern and Elliott reflect on the past. As their emotions go round in circles, so does the Paddington clock, counting down the minutes to eight p.m. - and the moment the future is in their hands.

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Fern is travelling through London on her way to meet up with a friend when she has a chance encounter with her old boyfriend Elliott who she hasn't seen since they broke up whilst they were at university twenty five years ago.

This meeting leaves them both a bit unsettled and through their separate days they reminisce about events from the past and what could have happened if they'd done things differently when they were dating.  So when Elliott decides to text Fern later and ask her to meet him for a drink later that evening on their way home they both have to consider where this could lead and how it could affect their current lives.

This book has been likened to One Day but sadly for me it didn't live up to the expectation and I found my attention waning and found myself skim reading towards the end hoping for something to grab my attention but it never did.  However I did like the fact that there were three possible endings to the book so it's left to the reader to decide which should be the true ending for the story.

I'd like to thank Midas PR for sending me a copy of this book to review.  

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