Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Books Read: Debbie Macomber - Lost and Found in Cedar Cove

Jo Marie has big plans for her bed-and-breakfast. With the help of handyman Mark Taylor, she intends to plant a beautiful rose garden in time for her upcoming open house. Jo Marie and Mark rarely see eye to eye-especially on matters of home improvement-but she knows he has her best interests at heart. After the two walk the grounds, Jo Marie realizes that her beloved rescue dog, Rover, is missing, and at a time when she most needs a friend, Mark abruptly leaves. Confused by Mark's behavior and worried for Rover's safety, Jo Marie searches for her precious dog all over Cedar Cove. But Rover is on an adventure of his own-one that will lead to a delightful surprise for two unlikely people.

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When I saw Lost and Found in Cedar Cove on Netgalley I had to request a copy to review as I've really enjoyed reading the other books in Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove and Rose Harbor series.

Whilst Jo Marie is making arrangements with local handyman Mark to create a Rose Garden in memory of her husband Paul, her beloved pet dog Rover wanders off leaving her distraught.  Although she's not had him long he'd become her shadow following her everywhere and she's convinced that he'd been brought into her life by Paul so she's desperate to find him.

Meanwhile Rover unaware of the heartbreak he's caused is off having his own adventure which involves teenagers Amanda and Travis, complete opposites with nothing in common, but by the end of the day they seem to have made a connection. 

As it is such a short story, only 52 pages, it's hard to write a review that tells you more than the book blurb which is the main gist of the story, an owner desperately searching for her beloved dog who turns to her new-found friends for help. It's a charming short story for what it was but not sure it's one that I would have spent money buying.

The only thing I would suggest that you read this exclusive eBook before her latest book which I reviewed last month as its timeframe is actually set prior to that in Rose Harbor in Bloom.

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