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My top 5 books read this Summer by Kirsty

Today it's the turn of fellow blogger Kirsty from The Love Of A Good Book to tell us about her favourite 5 books that she's read this summer. 

When Sharon first asked for people to pick their top 5 summers reads, I thought it was going to be extremely hard but then the more I thought about it, I realised that there are 5 books I'm constantly raving about, so without realising it my list was already there.

Sunlounger - The Ultimate Beach Read

 "Off on your holidays soon? Then don't forget to pack this fantastic read in with your sun lotions this summer! It's bags of fun and very hard to put down so you won't be leaving that poolside in a hurry!'  OK MAGAZINE 

Take a trip around the world with 44 of the hottest writers in Women's Fiction!

This bumper collection of sun-kissed short stories will have you boarding a millionaire's yacht in St Tropez, exploring a sheik's palace in Dubai, swimming with dolphins in Australia, partying in Ibiza, surfing in Hawaii, roaming ancient ruins in Turkey and sipping Limoncello in Italy!

Whether you read it on your favourite beach (Sunlounger features golden sands from Greece to Mauritius) or on your daily commute or coffee break you will be spirited away on a variety of adventures - some will make you chuckle with delight, some will make your heart pang, others will inspire you to live your life to the max!

There's even a matching Sunlounger website - - featuring everything you need to make this your Best Summer Ever, as well as exclusive interviews with each of the fabulous authors on board:

Katie Agnew, Valerie-Anne Baglietto, Rosie Blake, Alexandra Brown, Laurey Buckland, Abby Clements, Miranda Dickinson, Carrie Duffy, Ilana Fox, Victoria Fox, Emma Garcia, Michele Gorman, Kirsty Greenwood, Kate Guest, Kate Harrison, Lisa Heidke, Molly Hopkins, Pernille Hughes, Margaret James, Belinda Jones, Lucy Lord, Chrissie Manby, Louise Marley, Holly Martin, Nigel May, Martel Maxwell, Roisin Meaney, Kiri Mills, Nicola Moriarty, Tamsyn Murray, Emily O'Neill, Lynda Page, Carmen Reid, Wendy Rigg, Lucy Robinson, Talli Roland, Ruth Saberton, Nancy Scrofano, Cally Taylor, Sasha Wagstaff, Anna-Lou Weatherley, Julia Williams, Lara Williamson, Tiffany Wright

At a whopping 696 pages, this really is the ULTIMATE BEACH READ!'

I chose this because it really is the ultimate beach read! Through 696 pages, you travel to many amazing destinations.  I really think there is something for everyone in this anthology of short stories. 

 About A Girl by Lindsey Kelk

image.jpegThe brand new summer bestseller from the immensely popular Lindsey Kelk

Tess Brookes has always been a Girl with a Plan. But when the Plan goes belly up, she’s forced to reconsider.

After accidently answering her flatmate Vanessa’s phone, she decides that since being Tess isn’t going so well, she might try being Vanessa. With nothing left to lose, she accepts Vanessa’s photography assignment to Hawaii – she used to be an amateur snapper, how hard can it be? Right?

But Tess is soon in big trouble. And the gorgeous journalist on the shoot with her, who is making it very clear he’d like to get into her pants, is an egotistical monster. Far from home and in someone else’s shoes, Tess must decide whether to fight on through, or ‘fess up and run…

It's full of wonderful characters and left me hoping for a Nick in my life. I could gush on about this forever (ask my friends, it's true) but I will say, I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it's laugh out loud funny and provides pure escapism.

Vanity by Lucy Lord

image.jpegGorgeous and glamorous Poppy seems to have it all, and after a long tough year she is ready to put the past behind her and start afresh. Whilst Poppy’s career goes from strength to strength, her husband, Damian’s takes a dramatic turn for the worse, leaving him trailing behind her as she becomes the face of a hot new TV programme in New York. As Damian spirals out of control, Poppy is forced to ask herself if love really can survive anything.

Back in London, Bella and Andy are blissfully happy and basking in their new-couple glow. But, not everything is as perfect as it seems and Bella is worried about journalist Andy’s latest investigative piece – a story about Russian people traffickers, led by a man known only as the Scorpion. Entering this shadowy and dangerous underworld, Andy has no idea just how dangerous the Scorpion really is…

Meanwhile, shallow but beautiful Ben is in Hollywood attempting to make his name on the silver screen. From St Tropez to New York, LA to the impossibly chic Paris; join Bella and Poppy and their friends as they face the reality of friendships and relationships pushed right to the limit.

Not able to get away this summer, then you need this book, join in with Bella, Poppy and the gang as they travel to some fabulous destinations and allow your mind to escape to sunnier climes with them.

Lucy Lord will allow you to feel the sand between your toes with her descriptive writing and wonderful locations.

Killer Queens by Rebecca Chance

image.jpegThe sizzling new novel from The Sunday Times bestselling author of Killer Heels

Every little girl grows up dreaming of marrying a prince - but what if the fairytale turns into a right royal nightmare?

Scheming kings, killer queens, evil princes, far-from innocent princesses, secret weddings, runaway brides, illicit affairs, death plots and lashings of steamy sex - it's just another day in the lives of the world's most powerful families. Find out what REALLY goes on behind closed palace doors…
Are you ready for a sizzling summer read, one that will leave you hotter than being out in the sun all day! 

Well then you need this, it's pure escapism and packed with humour, romance and lots of fabulousness! 

By My Side by Alice Peterson

One step can change everything... 

Cass Brooks loves her job, her boyfriend Sean, her life. Until, leaving home one morning, distracted and hungover, she steps into the path of a truck.

When she wakes up, she can’t walk. And suddenly all her hopes and dreams, the plans she’d made with Sean, the future she thought she’d have, seem out of her reach.

But then fate intervenes again. Cass meets Ticket, a loyal golden Labrador who refuses to leave her side. And on a flight to Colorado, she sits next to Charlie, who believes he can show her a life full of possibilities, if only she’ll let him.

Cass wants her life back the way it was. Charlie knows this cannot be. Yet a future beckons all the same...

It's not summer themed but I've chosen this because not everyone has a sunny deposition during summer and I found this book to be truly inspirational.

In 372 pages my world changed, I was left inspired and in awe at the strength which came from many of the characters.

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Twitter: @loveofagoodbook

Tomorrow I am spoiling you with two top 5 selections from Caroline Finnerty and Cesca from Novelicious.

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