Monday, 7 October 2013

Books Read: Vanessa Greene - Tuesdays at the Teacup Club

A lot can change in a year . . . 

The children's books Jenny writes and illustrates from her countryside studio are doing well, and after a lifetime of looking after everyone else, she's finally putting herself first. Meanwhile,Maggie's ordered world is thrown into chaos when her baby son Stan arrives. Candlelit baths have made way for endless night feeds, and she and partner Owen are struggling to find any time for themselves. It's been a long year of financial sacrifice, but working-mum Alison has fulfilled her dream at last - she is now the proud co-owner of a café and art gallery. 

But when Alison's happiness is threatened and news from home shocks Jenny back to reality, the women must band together. Suddenly their friendship is more important than ever. 

I enjoyed Vanessa Greene's debut book The Vintage Teacup Club so last month when I saw that she had an exclusive short story Tuesdays at the Teacup Club coming out, I pre-ordered it to download as soon as it came out.

In Tuesdays at the Teacup Club we meet Jenny, Maggie and Alison a year on from when we last saw them in and life has certainly changed a lot for each of them but one thing has stayed the same, their unique friendship over vintage tea-sets.   

But whilst Jenny's career as an illustrator for children's books has soared culminating in her about to embark on a national book tour, she soon finds herself worrying about her brother Chris.

Maggie is struggling to adapt to being a new mum and the thought of going back to work after sleepless nights whereas Alison is worried that a new coffee chain opening across the street from her own cafe is going to threaten her business.

Each of the women have plenty of worries in their lives but with the help of their friends they know they'll have plenty of love and support to help them overcome all the obstacles that they face. 

It was great to be re-acquainted with the women in this story but it did feel a little too short as it came to a rather swift end.  I'm hoping there'll be another fuller length from Vanessa Greene in the not too distant future.  

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  1. I read The Vintage Teacup Club last year but I didn't know about this. Thanks!