Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas Reading Challenge: Alexandra Brown - Christmas at Carrington's

Georgie Hart loves Christmas time at Carrington’s Department store. Running the luxury handbag department, Georgie adores helping customers in the hunt for the perfect gift for the perfect someone. And this year is no exception – now she has the hunky Tom, Mr Carrington himself, to spend the special day with.

But when Tom springs a surprise, Georgie’s plans are thrown into chaos. Carrington’s is getting a fresh lease of life in a hot new reality TV show, featuring formidable retail guru, Kelly Cooper.

As the first show airs, Georgie is shown in a far from flattering light. Worse is to come when Kelly’s vile daughter appears to get her claws into Tom. Georgie fears this will be the worst Christmas ever, but Santa still has a little surprise for her stocking this year – she’ll just have to wait until Christmas to find out…

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I loved Alexandra Brown's debut novel, Cupcakes at Carrington's, earlier this year so I'm impressed that I managed to resist the temptation to read her latest book Christmas at Carrington's as soon as I received a copy so that I could include it in my Christmas reading challenge.

Life for Georgie and the rest of the gang at Carrington's department store is about to get very interesting indeed after the board agrees to the filming of a reality TV show.... but how much of what is going on is real and how much is fiction?  One thing's for sure life is certainly never dull when Georgie is around as she seems to find herself in the midst of all the drama...

Once again I found myself hooked from the very start and found myself laughing out loud at some of the antics I was reading, mostly involving Georgie, who seemed to be at the centre of when anything went wrong! 

But amidst all of the laughter, there were a few scenes that made for emotional reading and I'm not ashamed to admit that I welled up as one particular plot reached its conclusion.  One of the storylines I most enjoyed reading about was the rebuilding of a relationship between Georgie and her dad, something that I can relate to personally. 

If you're a regular follower of my blog you'll already know that I'm a huge fan of book series so I'd been looking forward to this Carrington's series from Alexandra long before the first one was even published!  And I'm pleased to say she hasn't disappointed me so far as I've loved both books so cannot wait to read more from the crew in her next book, Ice Creams at Carrington's, which is due out this summer.

I'd like to thank Jaimie at Harper Collins for sending me a copy of this eBook to review.  

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