Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas Reading Challenge: Annie Lyons - Not Quite Perfect Christmas

A Christmas fairy tale in New York? This Christmas, Emma Darcy has decided, is going to be perfect! Not only has she exchanged her glamorous London life to jet out to the even more glitzy New York, but she has her gorgeous boyfriend finally by her side, and her dream job comes with an invite to their super-dazzling Christmas party. Ooooh, what to wear?! To celebrate, this year she’s planning a Christmas like you see in the movies; her tinsel-topped to-do list includes ice-skating outside Rockefeller Center, strolling around a snow-covered Central Park and Christmas (window) shopping at Tiffany. That plan goes slightly out the window with news that her Mum, sister and niece Lily will be visiting her – that’s a lot of Darcy women, even in the Big Apple! With family drama and a work disaster to avoid too, this might not quite be the picture-perfect Christmas she’d had in mind…!

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When I bought and downloaded a copy of this short story, Not Quite Perfect Christmas, I didn't realise that it was actually a follow up to the author's previous book Not Quite Perfect which introduced readers to the Darcy women.

Emma has been looking forward to her Christmas in New York and with her mum, sister and niece coming over for a pre-Christmas trip she has even more reason to celebrate.  But her nicely organised plans go out the window when she's asked to look after a major client whilst one of her colleagues appears to be disrupting her plans at every turn... will she and their client make it to the Christmas party in one piece?

This was such a fab fun read that was perfect to read whilst relaxing after a busy day at work.  I loved reading about the various trips around New York, all places I've heard of before and want to go myself one day!  And as for Lily, she was certainly a character and a half... I found myself chuckling at some of the things she came out with and did!  

The good news is that I don't think it matters whether or not if you've read the first book as this story can completely be read as a standalone.   The only thing that spoilt it for me is that I would have liked it to have been a little longer, this and the other novellas I've read this Christmas definitely emphasised that I much prefer reading a fuller length novel.

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