Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Reading Challenge: Rosie Fiore - Holly at Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year . . . unless your name is Holly Evans. She’ll be experiencing Christmas four times over. In the course of one year, Holly will see the festive season in all its guises, from the sizzling to the stressful to the hopelessly romantic. 

After a rollercoaster couple of years and a three-month holiday in South Africa, Holly is on her way back to London. She has a firm plan for her life – career, money, home, romance – it’s all worked out. Except it looks like nobody let the universe know that. Almost as soon as she touches down in England, Holly’s plans begin to go awry. With no flat, no job and dwindling finances, Holly will need to be brave and resourceful in order to build herself a new life. And what about handsome doctor Fraser John? Where does he fit into her plans? And does he really want to catch Holly under the mistletoe?

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Although this has been billed as a sequel to Rosie Fiore's previous book, Wonder Women, it can be read as a standalone as I did as my friend reviewed Wonder Women for me and I've not yet had a chance to read it for myself.

Holly had initially come back to South Africa to testify against an ex-boyfriend but ended up staying on an extended break with her friends to take time out to think about where her future lies.  But now her current boyfriend Fraser is about to arrive for Christmas and she's still unsure as to whether he features in her future plans...

I really enjoyed getting to know Holly and can understand her initial reluctance to commit to Fraser considering her past relationship history but it was lovely to see her blossom as the storyline progressed.  It was also nice to meet Jo and Mel who featured in Wonder Women so I'll definitely be taking a step backwards shortly to read Wonder Women for myself.

This is my favourite Christmas novella that I have read so far and it's definitely Christmassy as the story starts and ends at Christmastime and even includes Christmas mentions in the summer!  Unlike some novellas that feel rushed I felt that this one flowed well and we weren't left feeling that it had ended suddenly without conclusion.  If you're going to read one novella this Christmas I'd definitely recommend reading this one.

I'd like to thank Rosie and her publisher Quercus for sending me a copy of this eBook to review.

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