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Countdown to Christmas Day 24: My favourite Christmas book(s) by Jody

My final Countdown to Christmas feature is from fellow blogger Jody talking about her favourite Christmas books. 

Christmas is without a doubt one of my favourite times of the year. Not just because of all the 
gorgeous decorations, the sparkly lights, the delicious food, and the entertaining TV specials, but also because of all the amazing novels that focus on this particular festive time of the year! Within the chick lit genre there are many lovely Christmas novels, simply too many to mention here today, but I’ve tried to come up with 10 that you don’t want to miss out on! 

Lisa Dickenson – ‘The Twelve Dates of Christmas' (2013)

This is, without a doubt, my favourite 2013 Christmas release. The novel tells the story of Claudia, who suddenly finds herself alone and unhappy the weeks before Christmas, which eventually leads to her going on twelve special dates in order to find the spark back in her life. Lisa Dickenson is an incredibly funny and amazing author, and if this book doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, I seriously don’t know what will!
Carole Matthews – ‘Calling Mrs. Christmas’ (2013)

Carole Matthews is without a doubt one of the queens of chick lit. She has written various Christmas novels, but my favourite so far has to be ‘Calling Mrs. Christmas’, which was released this year. The novel focuses on Cassie Smith who has started her own business: ‘Calling Mrs. Christmas’. The business is getting more and more successful, bringing Cassie on a trip to Lapland with the gorgeous Carter... Christmas won’t be Christmas without a lovely festive Carole Matthews story to enjoy!
Karen Swan – ‘Christmas at Tiffany’s’ (2011)

I fell in love with this book as soon as I saw the gorgeous cover. Besides, don’t the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘Tiffany’s’ just belong together? Karen Swan’s novel focuses on Cassie, who finds herself alone and heartbroken, which results in her going on a one year journey to discover what she wants from life. This trip brings her to three amazing cities: New York, Paris and London. Even though the book doesn’t only focus on Christmas, it’s a great read and just staring at the cover already makes me feel all festive!
Jenny Colgan – ‘Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe’ (2012)

Many of the readers who love chick lit will have read Jenny Colgan’s ‘Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe.’ In this book, we revisit Issy Randall, the owner of the Cupcake Cafe, during Christmas time. Her boyfriend Austin is scouted for a possible move to New York, and Issy is suddenly forced to think about having a long-distance relationship. Of course, Christmas can’t be Christmas without yummy treats, and the recipes at the back of this novel will make sure you’ll have enough ideas for the upcoming holidays!
Alexandra Brown – ‘Christmas at Carrington’s’ (2013)

Seeing as the previous book made me think of cupcakes, I instantly knew this list wouldn’t be complete without the sequel to Alexandra Brown’s amazing debut novel ‘Cupcakes at Carrington’s’, namely ‘Christmas at Carrington’s’! We are welcomed back to Carrington’s Department Store where Georgie Hart happily helps customers find the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones. However, the new reality show that is being filmed at the store is not making Georgie’s life any easier, and when her romance with the hunky Tom is in danger, Christmas suddenly doesn’t seem like so much fun anymore...
Scarlett Bailey – ‘The Night Before Christmas’ (2011)

Scarlett Bailey (also known as Rowan Coleman) is known for her brilliant Christmas novels, and for this list I decided to go with her first book, ‘The Night Before Christmas.’ Lydia is going to spend the holiday season with her oldest friends. She can’t wait to be wrapped up in the Christmas atmosphere, but everything suddenly changes when she finds herself snowed in with her current boyfriend, her hunky old flame, and a handsome stranger. It seems like the story of the three wise men will have Lydia starring as the leading lady this Christmas...
Ali Harris – ‘Miracle on Regent Street’ (2011)

This novel is one of my favourite chick lit books of all time, so I really can’t recommend it enough. ‘Miracle on Regent Street’ tells the story of Evie Taylor who works in the stockroom of Hardy’s, a large family-run London fashion department store. She has always been kind of invisible to everyone around her, but this holiday season, Evie wants to change that. She decides to secretly start giving Hardy’s a much-needed make-over, in the hope it will make sure the Hardy family will not have to sell their beloved department store before Christmas Day. Will Evie be able to complete the store’s transformation, but at the same time also her own? 

Melissa Hill – ‘The Charm Bracelet’ (2012)

I adore Melissa Hill; her novels are absolutely fabulous, so I couldn’t possibly leave out one of her books on this list of recommended Christmas reads! Holly O’Neill received a charm bracelet with a single charm several years ago. Since then, the charms have suddenly appeared on moments when she needs something special in her life. When Holly finds someone else’s bracelet, she like no one else understands how important it is to return this bracelet to its owner. The search takes Holly all over New York during Christmas time, in the hope of reuniting the bracelet with its owner. A magical read, perfect to sit down with in front of a fire with a cup of hot cocoa!
Lindsey Kelk – ‘I Heart Christmas’ (2013)

Lindsey Kelk is one of the funniest authors within the chick lit genre, and her ‘I Heart....’ series is a basic must-read for any romance fan. In this sixth part of the series, leading lady Angela is planning the perfect Christmas in New York. However, Santa is throwing her a few curveballs, which include her new job, her gorgeous man Alex insisting it is time for them to settle down, and her best friend Jenny suddenly being crazy about babies. Suddenly, the holiday season doesn’t seem as calm and perfect as Angela had hoped it would be...

Trisha Ashley – ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ (2010)

Last but not least, there’s one author who definitely can’t be left out on this list and that’s Trisha Ashley. Over the years, Trisha has released some wonderful Christmas novels, so it was difficult to pick just one! I decided to go for ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ which tells the story of young widow Holly Brown, who is trying to hide away from all the holiday festivities by looking after a remote house in Lancashire. However, when the owner of the house, Jude Martland, comes back early and unexpectedly Holly and Jude find themselves snowed in, not being able to escape each other or the upcoming holidays. I could go on and on with naming amazing Christmas chick lit novels for all of you to read, but this top 10 will have to do this time around. If you’re looking for something to get you into the holiday spirit, be sure to pick up one of these books... Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! 


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