Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Reading Challenge: Chrissie Manby - The Christmas List

It’s the 1st of December and Milly Arnold is facing a miserable Noel. Newly single, the last thing she wants to do is join her settled sister and her young family for the first of their traditions: the writing of the Christmas lists. However Milly’s nephews have other ideas and insist she writes a list of her own (with illustrations to help Father Christmas decipher her terrible handwriting). Milly duly makes a request for a bunch of roses, some chocolate and a new pair of shoes. She doesn’t expect to get any of it. 

However, that very day, a box of chocolates appears, swiftly followed by the roses. And when Milly wins a voucher to buy a pair of shoes, she begins to wonder if there’s something in this Christmas cosmic ordering after all. She quickly amends her first letter. However, as Christmas gets closer and the items she requested appear in increasingly unexpected ways, Milly starts to worry that Santa might be taking her list just a little too literally...

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Having recently split up with boyfriend Duncan, and with Christmas fast approaching, Milly is not looking forward to spending time her sister and family reminding her of what she's lost and what her future could have been.

But on 1st December she soon finds herself caught up in an old family tradition of writing a Christmas list with her nephews who insist that she also writes one too, and within days all three items on her list have mysteriously appeared.   So she decides to write a new list with some more extravagant requests which she certainly doesn't expect to come true but it would appear that she's in luck as her wishes start to come true although in slightly unconventional ways...

This was  a very quick read, albeit a little predictable in places, that was perfect for getting me over my recent reading slump.

I'd like to thank Chrissie for sending me a copy of this novella to review.  

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