Monday, 17 February 2014

Guest Book Review: Dominic Ranger - Midas

Reviewed by Jacqueline Grimes 

Newly-bankrupt and newly-separated Alan Marks discovers he has neverending riches when he tries to use his cash card at an ATM in Farnborough, Hampshire. He's desperate for money, but has no hope of success - until £200 appears out of the machine. Then another £200, and another... Alan Marks is suddenly rich, and it's not come from his account. If this works in any cash machine, he is potentially the richest man in the world. What does he do now? Garry McAllister, ex-cop, top fraud investigator and a lifelong lover of Scotch, arrives for work at his bank's headquarters. Glancing at his computer screen, he discovers his worst possible nightmare. Someone is operating Midas, a scheme which allows the holder to withdraw endless amounts of money, without the withdrawals attributing to any account. Now McAllister is on a mission; to stop Midas. And the bank doesn't really mind how. But what McAllister doesn't know is that he is not the only one trying to get Midas... 

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Dominic Ranger's debut Midas was one of the books I received last year when I decided to do a Crime Fiction week but I didn't manage to find the time to read it at time.  But fortunately after putting a shout out for people to do guest reviews, Jacqueline contacted me and offered to review this one for me.

I loved this book from the minute I started it, it had me hooked from page one, it is well written, fast paced and great twists! I loved how the writer made the reader feel like they were all part of the action. 

I did not see the twist at the end coming! I look forward to reading more books by this author, if this debut novel is anything to go by. 

A great read for a cold winter's night, or for lying on a beach! 

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