Monday, 17 March 2014

Books Read: Paula Daly - Just What Kind of Mother Are You?

No family is perfect.

A husband, three children and a full-time job, so many plates to keep spinning.

No wonder you forgot you were supposed to be looking after your friend's daughter.

But no one has seen her since yesterday.

And she's not the first to go missing from your small town.

So who's hiding something?

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Firstly I must apologise to Paula Daly and her publicist Alison as Just What Kind of Mother Are You? is one of the review books I received last year that got caught up in the backlog and has been neglected until now.  

When Lisa Kallisto receives a phone call from her friend Kate she doesn't realise that this is going to be the start of a living nightmare for them both as it turns out that, due to a breakdown in communication over a sleepover, neither one of them had realised that Lucinda, Kate's teenage daughter, was missing.  

After receiving the report of the missing girl, DC Joanne Aspinall needs to act fast to find Lucinda as she's the second girl to have gone missing in the area.  The first girl was found within 24 hours but had suffered a horrific attack at the hands of her abductor so as the days drag on with no sign of Lucinda they expect the worse... 

It is hard to believe that Just What Kind of Mother Are You? is Paula Daly's debut novel as it was such a brilliant, gripping read that had me hooked from the very first page.  As the story unfolded and more facts were uncovered, it was clear things were not quite as black and white as first thought and that no matter how well you think you know someone you never really know what is going on behind closed doors.  

I'm kicking myself for not having read this sooner as it is one of my favourite reads of the year so far.  It has all the elements for it to be turned into a TV psychological drama so I wouldn't be be surprised if in the future we hear that it has been optioned.

I'm already looking forward to reading Paula's next novel Keep Your Friends Close which I hope won't be left in my TBR pile as long! 

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