Sunday, 16 March 2014

Books Read: Sarah Lefebve - The Park Bench Test

Aspiring journalist Becky loves her boyfriend Alex, but when her best friend Katie gets engaged, she’s left wondering if Alex really is her Mr Right. 

Their other best friend Emma doesn’t believe in ‘the One’– she’s just looking for a man who will stick around longer than her dad did. 

As they come together to plan Katie’s big day, navigating the chaos of wedding dress shopping, seating plans, and the dreaded singles table, the girls begin to question their own relationships; and the possibility of settling for anything less than butterflies…

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In The Park Bench Test we meet Becky Harper, or B as she's known to her friends, who decides that her long term boyfriend Alex is not really her Mr Right when he proposes to her. So she decides to call it a day on their relationship, hand in her notice at her good but boring job and moves to London to try and become a journalist even though she's got no qualifications to be one!

She signs up to a writing course and has to come up with inspiration for articles which she's going to pitch to magazines to try and get a job.  She finally comes up with the idea of writing a feature piece about how do you know you've met your Mr Right, the one you can see yourself with when your old and wrinkly sitting on a Park Bench hence the title of the book, so sets about interviewing her friends, colleagues and customers to get their thoughts on the topic.

The characters are what makes this book for me as they were a great mix especially Becky's two best friends Katie and Emma whose attitudes on love couldn't be more different but together the three of them were a hilarious combination.

I did enjoy the concept of the story but did find it quite hard going at times especially toward in the middle as it didn't seem to be going anywhere but the pace did pick up again so I'm glad I stuck with it.  Overall it was an OK read but if I'm honest not one I'm likely to ever read again.

I received a copy of this eBook from the publisher via NetGalley. 

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