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Guest Post: Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn – DVD extra!

Today I'm delighted to be taking part in the Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn blog tour organised by the Gosling Girls Book Tours with an exclusive extra scene from Tilly Tennant.

Paige and Annabel lounged on Paige’s bed, still in their school uniforms. 
  ‘I swear there was actual drool.’ Paige giggled. 

Annabel slapped a hand over her mouth, her eyes wide. ‘No way!’ 

‘I think she’s having a mid-life crisis.’

Annabel frowned. ‘Isn’t she a bit young? Miss Masterston is, like, fifty and she always says she’s having one of those.’ 

‘Does Miss Masterston stand with her gob open staring at posters of Holden Finn?’ 

‘No,’ Annabel laughed, ‘I wouldn’t blame her if she did, though. It must be hard for any woman not to stare at pictures of him.’

‘Yeah, but… my mum?’ Paige leaned back onto one elbow and gazed up at the poster above the headboard of her bed. There were four men on it and although they were all handsome in their own way, one in particular always drew her eye. ‘That’s just wrong,’ she concluded. 

‘Maybe she wasn’t staring at it. She was cleaning your room – maybe she was just having a rest and happened to be looking in that direction when you came in?’ 

Paige rolled her eyes. ‘And saying his name like she was about to have an orgasm over it?’ 

‘Oh my God that’s gross!’ Annabel snorted, looking as though she found Paige’s description of her mother’s behaviour almost as shocking as it was funny. ‘I mean, she wasn’t doing anything, was she?’

‘Of course not!’ Paige snapped. She dug into the huge bag of Skittles on the bed between them, producing a handful and then nudging the bag over to her friend. ‘It’s just weird anyway. She shouldn’t even be thinking about stuff like that. She’s my mum.’ 

Annabel threw a handful of sweets into her mouth. ‘I’m sure it’s not as bad as it looked,’ she mumbled as she chewed. 

‘Well she can look all she wants, because if Holden Finn ever turned up at our flat, it would totally be me he’d be trying to get off with and not my ancient mother.’ 

‘Totes,’ Annabel agreed uncertainly. 

‘Just imagine that,’ Paige added, her expression suddenly dreamy. ‘Imagine Holden rocking up to our door with flowers and telling me he loves me…’ 

‘That’s hilarious,’ Annabel replied. As Paige turned and glared at her she blushed. ‘But totally possible, of course.’ 

‘Of course.’ Paige crammed another handful of Skittles into her mouth. ‘I mean, I’m half French. Everyone fancies French people.’ 

Annabel nodded doubtfully. Paige had a French father, but in every other department she was very not-French-at-all. At school, their French teacher had been near-suicidal at Paige’s end of term results, considering that her parentage meant she ought to have topped the class. 

‘Your mum is quite pretty,’ Annabel said carefully. 

‘Yeah, I suppose she looks alright for middle age.’

‘I thought she was thirty-five?’ 

Paige shrugged carelessly. ‘Like I said, middle-aged.’

Annabel screwed up her forehead as she contemplated a reply. Before she had a chance to think of one, the bedroom door swung open. 

‘MUM!’ Paige squealed. ‘Don’t you ever knock?’

Bonnie blew a stray lock of hair that had fallen over her nose and frowned. ‘So you don’t want this tray of toast and soup I just made for you both?’

‘You could knock before you bring it in.’

‘Oh right, how silly of me… I could do that with my third hand,’ Bonnie replied. ‘Anyway, what could you be talking about in here that you’d need to keep secret from me?’

Paige looked at Annabel and grinned. ‘Wouldn’t you like to know…’

Hopelessly Devoted to Holden Finn:

There’s only one man for Bonnie, and that’s Holden Finn. The problem is that Holden Finn is a twenty-three-year-old pop megastar with his boy band, Every Which Way, who doesn’t even know she exists. Not only that, but half the women of the world want to be Mrs Finn, including Bonnie’s teenage daughter, Paige. But the real men in Bonnie’s life only let her down, and a man that you can never have can never let you down… right?  When Paige wins a radio competition to meet Holden and his band, it seems all that is set to change. Bonnie is about to find out that you should be careful what you wish for, and that happiness can come in the most unexpected shape…

About Tilly:

Tilly Tennant was born in Dorset but now lives in Staffordshire with her slightly nutty family.  Tilly is married to Mr Tennant (not that one, though a girl can dream). She likes nothing better than curling up in a quiet corner with a glass of wine watching the world go by, but can more usually be found taxiing her daughters to parties or taking them on emergency shopping trips. After a huge list of dismal and disastrous jobs over the years, including paper plate stacking, shop girl, newspaper promotions and waitressing, she began working as a temporary secretary in a hospital to boost her income whilst doing a degree in English and creative writing. This job lasted nine years. Not terribly temporary. But it does mean that she knows just what it’s like to make monumental admin cock-ups, spend the month’s wages in the hospital coffee shop and fall in love with all the doctors. As she’s a smug married, however, it’s fortunate that the doctors in question don’t usually feel the same way.
Tilly is represented by the wonderful, gorgeous Peta Nightingale at LAW.

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