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Guest Post: I Shall Survive (the Menopause) by Carol E Wyer

Hello and welcome to the Grumpy Old Menopause blog tour! Having taken the world by storm and rocketed up the charts to become the #1 best selling book on Amazon, this light and humorous guide to beating the more unpleasant symptoms of the menopause is essential reading for anyone going through or simply preparing themselves for this unavoidable change.
So buckle up and let Carol E. Wyer show you how it’s done!

What they say:
‘Have you started to write post-it notes with your kids’ names on them? Do you need to change your underwear after every sneeze? Guess it’s time to read this book then. It’ll help you get through “that” time in your life with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

With numerous suggestions, sensible advice and amusing anecdotes, Grumpy Old Menopause will help you sail through that tricky part of a woman’s life with ease and humour. It should prevent you from turning into Mrs Crabby or worse still, a demonic monster.’

“An excellent mix of humour and sound advice. This book is a must-read for all women … I highly recommend Grumpy Old Menopause. It is the perfect blend of humour and excellent advice to help all women sail through the menopause.” – Nicky Snazell, Fi STOP Consultant Physiotherapist in Spinal Pain, Fellow of Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain. International Lecturer in Pain and Health.

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I Shall Survive (the Menopause)

It’s still a taboo subject for many women. We certainly don’t like to shout out about it. Why would we want to announce to the world that we are experiencing hot flushes, forgetfulness and mood swings, even if it is perfectly obvious to others that we are? Yes, that dreaded M word—menopause—remains a subject that makes most women shudder at the mere thought. However, it really needn’t be anything to fear or be upset about. Menopause the Musical, is a huge hit in the States and more and more women are beginning not only to accept menopause but laugh about it.

Laughter, is indeed a medicine I prescribe. It produces feel-good hormones that can help you and is not to be underestimated in your fight to stay sane as your body changes and plays nasty tricks on you.

There is also an enormous amount of advice and support available, not only from girlfriends, health food shops, and doctors, but also online. The internet is an ideal place to hide away and moan about your eyebrows falling out, or ask if anyone else is experiencing bizarre itching, lack of libido and enquire as to how on earth you manage an enjoyable night of sex when you are sweaty and bloated?

There are groups, forums, blogs, and websites galore that can help you face this time of your life and make you realise you are not alone. There are even videos, cartoons, gift ideas (some of which should be offered to a menopausal woman at your peril), and even mini seminars that you can attend by merely sitting at your computer.

So how else can you help yourselves during this time? Well, the simplest advice I can give is to take care of yourself. Read up on the menopause. Make sure you are prepared for some 
of the symptoms and then ensure you eat a sensible diet, enriched in vitamins that you require at this time of your life. 

Exercise is equally important. I’m not suggesting you take up anything too exertive (unless you suddenly, like me, have desire to do kickboxing classes) but aqua aerobics, yoga and 
even walking will all play a part in helping to lessen some of the symptoms you may experience. If you don’t really enjoy gyms or ‘exercise’, then take up an activity such as dancing. Try out a belly dancing class (or, in my case, a belly wobbling class), a Bollywood dance class (it’s becoming very popular) or—be really daring and— try pole dancing. You won’t be alone. Many women are now taking up this activity. Chinese grandmother Sun Fengqin of Nanjiing took up pole dancing after watching videos and having become fascinated by the beauty and athleticism of the activity. She became an internet sensation!

You should feel more empowered once you get through the menopause. You may even feel the desire, like some of my friends, to take up paragliding or mountain climbing! me, I’m looking forward to renewed confidence in myself and my body. Then I think I’ll have a go at Burlesque and stand-up comedy but probably not at the same time.

Author Bio

I have always written stories. My early stories were for children and sported silly titles like Humphrey and the Dustbin Cats, Hurrah for Hugo! and Noir and Blanc – Two Naughty Cats. They taught French language to younger children and were accompanied by a tape of French songs, mercifully not sung by me.

I began writing for adults after my son left home. I converted his old bedroom into an office and set about writing humorous novels largely aimed at women of a certain age.

The rest is history. Following much media success with Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, I signed the Amanda Wilson novels with Thornberry Publishing. In 2012, I was lucky enough to be offered a three book deal with Safkhet Publishing. They have published How Not to Murder Your Grumpy and Just Add Spice, and released Grumpy Old Menopause, the sister book to How Not to Murder Your Grumpy, in December 2013.

I now write full-time. When I am not working on a novel, I’ll be writing articles for magazines such as Woman’s Weekly, or blog posts for The Huffington Post and Indies Unlimited.

My books aim to encourage as many people as possible to age disgracefully and enjoy life. After all, life is short and ‘he who laughs…lasts!’

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A Grumpy Old Success

Since its release, Grumpy Old Menopause has been featured on no less than 28 radio stations and the Staying Young Show over in the US. Magazines have come-a-knocking too, with articles in Take a Break, Women’s Weekly, Women and Golf Magazine, Wolverhampton Magazine and Staffordshire Life, while the bright lights of prime time TV also beckoned when Carol was interview on BBC Breakfast Television in November 2013 – click here to watch the interview.


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