Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Books Read: Donna Douglas - The Nightingale Girls

Three very different girls sign up as trainee nurses at a big London teaching hospital in 1934. 

Dora leaves her overcrowded, squalid working-class home for a better life. But has she got what it takes to keep up wither other, better-educated girls? And will her hated stepfather ever let her go?

Born for the job, her brother is a doctor, her all-powerful mother a hospital trustee. But will Helen's secret misery be her downfall? 

Millie, an aristocratic rebel, her carefree attitude will find her up in front of Matron again and again. Will she ever care enough to make a nurse? Or will she go back to the glamorous life she was born to?

What have they let themselves in for?

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Later on today I will be taking part in the Nightingales on Call blog tour with a review but as I hadn't read the first three books in the series, the lovely Rachel at Arrow Publishing kindly also sent me copies of them to read as well.

Set in the early 1930's, The Nightingale Girls introduces us to the prestigious training hospital, The Florence Nightingale, in the heart of London and its staff, from the Sisters and Matron who will put the students through their paces until they qualify to be the best of the best and the students...  Will student nurses Dora, Helen and Millie make it through their probationary training?

I loved the diversity of the three student nurses, Dora, Helen and Millie, whose upbringings couldn't be more different but the one thing they have in common is their desire to be a nurse. Each of them has their own story which we find out through glimpses into their backgrounds and their families which explained who they are and their personal reasons for wanting to be there which made this story even more compelling.

As well as the three main characters, we are introduced to a wide range of supporting characters, families, staff and patients, who all played their parts in the various dramas that ensued.

The Nightingale Girls was the perfect introduction to this new series by Donna Douglas and I'm lucky that I already have the other books to read and don't have to wait for them to published.

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