Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Books Read: Donna Douglas - The Nightingale Sisters

To the student nurses at The Nightingale hospital, the ward sisters are heartless and frightening, with impossibly high standards. But the sisters have troubles of their own... 


The new night sister is not all that she seems. Who is she and what dark secret is she hiding? As the mystery deepens, Sister Wren is determined to find out the truth. 


The student nurse is struggling with her own secret, and with her heartbreak over Nick, the man who got away. A new arrival on the ward brings the chance to put a smile back on her face. But can she really get over Nick so easily? 


Dora's fellow student is also torn between the two men in her life. But then an unexpected friendship with an elderly patient makes her question where her heart - and her future - really lies.

As the nation mourns the death of King George V, it seems as if nothing is ever going to be the same again, especially for the women at the Nightingale.

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In The Nightingale Sisters we once again meet up with the staff and students who we were introduced to in the first book but we also meet a variety of new characters including the mysterious new Sister Violet who clearly has something to hide.

If Dora, Helen and Millie thought their probationary year was hard going then things are about to get a whole lot tougher as they start working on the wards dealing with real-life patients... And of course things don't exactly run smoothly in their personal lives either!

Once again Donna Douglas has written a delightful tale that draws you in, she has clearly done her research and depicts what life must have been like in hospitals in the 1930s without the modern technology that we take for granted, as well as life in the poverty stricken East End where Dora's family still live.  As someone who doesn't read alot of sagas I have to say that I'm loving this series so am glad that I have all the books written so far to follow the characters stories.

I'd  like to thank Rachel at Arrow Publishing for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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