Sunday, 18 May 2014

Books Read: Niamh Greene - Coco's Secret

Coco Swan has always been embarrassed by her name. 

With a name like Coco, she thinks people expect her to be as exotic and glamorous as the famous designer, not an ordinary-looking small-town antiques dealer who could win an award for living cautiously. 

But when a vintage Chanel handbag turns up in a box of worthless bric-a-brac, Coco's quiet world is turned upside down. Where did it come from? And is it just coincidence that it's the same bag Coco's late mother always wanted for her? 

When Coco discovers a mysterious, decades-old letter hidden in the bag's lining, she sets off on a quest to piece together the story behind it, stumbling across secrets that span three generations as she goes.

Could the beautiful Chanel bag be about to teach Coco more than she wants to learn? Or will it show her just where her heart can take her if she lets it lead the way?

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Coco's Secret by Niamh Greene was one of the many eBooks I downloaded from NetGalley last Summer that I never got around to reading, and having just finished reading it I'm kicking myself as it's my favourite of her books so far.

Antiques are in her blood, Coco loves running her family's Antique business searching for hidden treasures but is amazed to uncover a rare vintage Coco Chanel bag amongst her latest purchases.  Her mother Sarah had loved Coco Chanel so much that she'd named her daughter after her, and had always promised Coco a Chanel bag of her own one day but sadly she was killed in a tragic accident when Coco was just 13. Could finding this bag be a sign?...

What can I say about this novel, I loved it right from the off.  I was sad at the end of the intro to Sarah, Coco's mother, but understood it was needed to lay the groundwork for what turned out to be such a beautiful story. 

I loved the concept of the mysterious letter discovered in the Chanel bag which of course sparked intrigue as to who wrote it, who was it for and how did it end up in the bag in the first place?  And of course, Coco just had to try and discover the answers for herself which takes on her on a journey of discovery introducing her to some delightful characters along the way. 

My one regret for this story though was that the letter we hear about in the intro from Sarah to Coco was never found so she never got to hear from her mother one last time.  But this does not detract from what was a beautiful, heartwarming read that I would definitely recommend. 

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