Monday, 19 May 2014

Guest Post: Ruth Saberton on the inspiration behind Escape for the Summer

This Thursday is the official launch of Ruth Saberton's latest novel, Escape for the Summer, but the eagle-eyed amongst you might have already spotted that it's already available on Amazon.  Today I'm delighted to welcome Ruth to my blog to talk about where the inspiration came from for this story.

Escape for the Summer’ is the tale of three young women who, fed up with useless boyfriends/rubbish jobs/the city, throw caution to the wind and head to Cornwall. 

There’s a great story behind this book, better than anything I could dream up! It was late summer 2011 and my boyfriend and I were on the river for the annual Fowey Regatta when we noticed a hire boat careering around like crazy, driven by four twenty-something girls, all having the time of their lives and shrieking with contagious excitement. I instantly wondered who they were and why they were in Cornwall. Were they on a hen weekend? A holiday? Did they live nearby? What on earth were doing on the water? My mind started to whirl…

I wanted to ask them if I could take their picture but just as we were about to steer our boat over they almost crashed into us and, a few splashes later, we got chatting. I managed to give them my email and took a few snaps on my mobile camera before they were gone, far away across the river and into my imagination. When I arrived home that evening I began to make some notes and soon “Escape for the Summer” was taking shape.

Once the novel was written I really wanted to trace my girls, who in my mind had become Andi, Angel and Gemma from the book, and thank them for being the inspiration of “Escape for the Summer”. I still had the picture I’d taken so I posted this onto my website and my Facebook Author page and crossed my fingers. A few weeks later I was thrilled to receive an email from one of the girls, Kelly, who couldn’t believe that I’d written a book inspired by them. A friend of hers had seen my website and was amazed to recognise the girls in my picture. Kelly filled me in on their real identities and, although I hate to say it, the truth is even better than fiction! One is a WAG, one a fashion designer, another works in fashion and the final girl is a teacher. They were renting a cottage with four other friends and had all been to Uni together. Every summer they meet up for a reunion holiday in Cornwall. This year they are gathering for a wedding and there is even a baby on the way too. This is quite a novel in itself and I’m very tempted to ask them for some more pictures!

I’ve sent each girl a copy of the book and they have promised to keep me up to date with their adventures. I can hardly wait and my fingers are already poised over my keyboard!

Below is a picture Kelly emailed me – taken just before they all set sail - and those smiling faces really sum up the optimism, fun and friendship of my three heroines in “Escape for the Summer”. I hope my readers enjoy this book every bit as much as I loved writing it.

Now to find out what happens next…

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