Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mega Summer Giveaway

Today is the beginning of a new month and the start of what I hope will be an annual feature on my blog, a Mega Summer giveaway.

Previously all my giveaways have been run solely by me where either myself or publishers have sent books out to winners.  But I wanted to do a mega Summer giveaway this year but knew that realistically I couldn't afford to post loads of books out myself so I decided to put a shout out to see if others would like to take part with me.

And thankfully I had a good response as the following bloggers and non-bloggers who also wanted to join me in sharing the love of books this summer.  At the moment there are 11 of us, so there will be 11 winners, but there's still time before the giveaway ends if anyone else wants to join us ;-)

Amanda @ AJ Book Review Club
Agi @ On My Bookshelf
Charlotte @ BestChickLit.com
Jill @ Jill Loves to Read
Kelly @ Compelling Reads
Lindsay @ Bookboodle
Simona @ Sky's Book Corner
Suzanne @ Lavender Likes, Loves, Finds and Dreams,,, 
Vicky @ I Love Reading

The giveaway will run until 6pm UK time on the 14th where the winners will be selected via Rafflecopter and contacted for their postal details.  I'll then pass each of the participants above the address of one winner for them to post out a book that they think everyone should read this Summer.
  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Fantastic idea, exciting giveaway. Thanks Shaz!! : )

  2. Think there is a problem with the Rafflecopter form which I'm trying to sort out

    1. I thought it was working, followed everybody, ticked all the boxes, it showed all my entries and then WHAM! They all vanished! Now I don't know whether it's collected my entries or not. I've been through the list and ticked the boxes again. I'll check back in a day or two - can you let me know in a reply whether Rafflecopter's recorded my entries on the spreadsheet or not, so I know whether I need to do it all over again? I wouldn't like to miss out on such a lovely giveaway!

    2. Will do, apparently it's a global problem with all Rafflecopter widgets not just this one.

  3. What a lovely idea, and I've found lots of new book lovers to follow as apart from you I was only following one of the others.

  4. I think this is such a good idea and I'm glad you've included me!

  5. Fantastic giveaway and have a very Happy Summers Reading to everyone.

  6. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.. Vicki @Ilovereadinguk

  7. Lovely idea :-) Thank you Sharon xx

  8. Lovely giveaway, thank you all x

  9. I'm still worried, what if the person I send a book to hates it...lol.. or have read it?