Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reader Spotlight: Andrea Esler

This afternoon I'm delighted to welcome Andrea to the blog to talk books...

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Andrea and I'm 36 I live in Essex but am from Northern Ireland.  I work in care but my dream job is in a library or bookshop. 

Have you always been a bookworm?  
Yes , from as far back as I can remember I've always had my nose stuck in a book. 

Do you have a favourite author? 
Several ! Lesley Pearse,  Kimberly Chambers, Mandasue Heller to name but a few... 

What is your all-time favourite book that you love to read time and time again?
That's easy.  Ellie by Lesley pearse I have read 5 times and have got it on kindle, paperback, and a signed hardback which Lesley sent me it's my pride and joy

Do you have a preferred genre that you mainly read, or are you open to read almost anything?
Will read anything from autobiography to crime. 

What book is top of your current wishlist?
Broadchurch by Erin Kelly loved the programme 

Physical books or eBooks, what’s your preference? 
I like physical books but books are good especially if I'm going on holiday have been known to get through a lot of books then but I prefer Kindle 

What was the last book you read that made you cry?
Now and Forever by Bernie Nolan 

If you were going to be stuck on a desert island and could only take 3 books with you, which ones would you choose?
Ellie, Upfront and Personal by Coleen Nolan and Vagabonds by Josephine Cox 

What book would you like to see made into a film and who would you cast for the central characters?  
Ellie with the central characters being played by Keira Knightly  as Ellie and Scarlett johansan as Bonnie 

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