Saturday, 25 October 2014

Guest Book Review: Margaret James - Magic Sometimes Happens

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

Passport to love London-based PR and promotions consultant Rosie Denham has just spent a year in Paris where she's tried but failed to fall in love. She's also made a big mistake and can't forgive herself. 

American IT professor Patrick Riley 's wife has left him for a Mr. Wonderful with a cute British accent and a house with a real yard. So Patrick's not exactly thrilled to meet another Brit who's visiting Minnesota, even if she's hot. 

Pat and Rosie couldn't be more different. She's had a privileged English upbringing. He was raised in poverty in Missouri. Pat has two kids, a job that means the world to him and a wife who might decide she wants her husband back. 

So when Pat and Rosie fall in love, the prospects don't seem bright for them. But magic sometimes happens - right?

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I was slightly confused at the beginning of the book as it started with an experience that is happening to the two main characters in different countries that did not seem to relate. Rosie Denham is in Dorset at the funeral of Charlie, her sister, and she blames herself for her death.  Whilst in America Patrick Riley is being left by his wife and mother of his two children and he is heartbroken as this is the only love he has ever known.  However once you got used to the fact that within the chapters the story is told from the view point of what is happening by both the main characters it gets better.   It is quite funny to see how they think differently or similarly about the same subject, although their opinions of people are not initially or always the same.  
The two characters meet when Rosie visits her friend Tess and her new husband Ben in Minnesota for a break before setting up her own Promotions agency in London.  Initially neither Patrick nor Rosie will admit what they are feeling and make excuses for what they are thinking. 

On her return to Britain Rosie continues to think about Patrick and vice versa for Patrick and that’s where having a fondness for someone living in America becomes difficult.  Neither seems willing to voice what they really feel in case something happens to upset it all.  Rosie is frightened that she has no right to be happy after what happened to Charlie.  Patrick is worried about his role as a father and his academic achievements as well as the fact that his wife Lexie has been his only partner.  

The way that Patrick and Rosie interact with little funny retorts to the statements made by each other  me laugh and reminds me of my husband and me as we are always poking fun at each other in a loving way.   I found myself wanting to ‘knock their heads together’ and telling them what the feelings for each other really were. The fact that you can see that they light up in each others company is enough to make anyone smile.

I don’t want to ruin the story by telling you what happens but it is not all straight forward and obstacles get in the way. The book is full of secrets, twists and turns.  At points I wanted the story to quicken up but still thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'd like to thank Liz at Choc Lit for sending Tanya a copy of Magic Sometimes Happens to review.

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