Saturday, 6 December 2014

Fictional Characters in Panto: Linda Mitchelmore casts Cinderella from To Turn Full Circle

The latest author to accept the Fictional Characters in Panto feature challenge is Linda Mitchelmore. 

The bottom line is that TO TURN FULL CIRCLE is a pure, Cinderella, rags to riches story.

CINDERELLA – Emma Le Goff. This pantomime could have been written for Emma Le Goff. The story opens with her in borrowed clothing which is too big for her, and none too clean. She is mentally strong and feisty – well, she has to be with all that’s happened to her. She can’t dance at the beginning of the story but she finds someone who can. Will a turn around the dance floor turn her head away from Seth and towards Matthew Caunter. Hmm … we shall see.

PRINCE CHARMING – It’s rare for a man not to know how handsome he is but this can be said of Seth Jago. He would walk over hot coals for Emma Le Goff, never mind search high and low for her to return a glass slipper. He goes travelling and has one teensy fall from grace but then, he’s a man. And he redeems himself in the end.

BUTTONS – Beattie Drew in a gender reversal. Beattie Drew is devoted to Emma and risks losing her livelihood to help her.

WICKED STEPMOTHER – Caroline Prentiss. She is pure evil. An ex-love of Seth Jago (Prince Charming) who would like the prefix ex to be attached to Emma’s name. 

FAIRY GODMOTHER – Ruby Chubb. There is nothing fairy-like about Ruby with her mass of mad chestnut curls, apart from her desire to please and her ability to make Emma laugh, even in the hardest of times.

UGLY SISTERS – Carter and Miles Jago. In this version of Cinderella they are Prince Charming’s sisters. Handsome on the outside they might be, but ugly as sin inside. They gave Emma a hard time, too, so they can be ugly sisters by association.

DANDINI – Olly Underwood. If ever there was a devoted friend then that’s what Olly Underwood is to Seth Jago. He would do anything – well, almost – for his friend. And he’s witty with it.


  1. Love the character association - it makes me definitely want to read your book now!
    Angela Britnell