Saturday, 6 December 2014

Guest Book Review: Janine Cobain - How Will You Remember Me?

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

Are we in control of our own life, or will fate always win in the end? 

When Catherine Harvey's marriage ends in divorce, she finds solace with her best friend Jessica in Belfast. Seven years on, she has her material and physical needs covered, but her heart is firmly locked away. 

After the death of her ex-husband, and lustful designs on a sexy stranger, Catherine feels ready to share her life with a special man, all she needs to do is find one.

Connor Maxwell returns to his home town, after twenty years in emotional exile, to rebuild his life after suffering a devastating loss. As his world begins to heal, it brings him far more than he bargained for. 

How many times will destiny cross their paths before it gives up?

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This book is a good debut read by this author set in Belfast and the surrounding area.  It opens with the main character Catherine losing her ex-husband to cancer. During his funeral back in England she sees a man that catches her eye and from this point onwards their paths cross but never quite meet.  Both the man, Connor Maxwell and Catherine cannot stop thinking of each other and the effect that the glance had on them.  The chance glance causes Catherine to recognise that she is ready to commit to another relationship and not just her ‘Friday Night Guy’. Will she find happiness through online dating?  Do Catherine and Connor find each other along the way or are they always destined to not quite see each other?

A big character of the novel is Jessica who is Catherine’s best friend along with her husband Andrew.   I loved the relationship that Jessica and Catherine have and how they interact with each other.  What happens to Jessica is the lowest point in the book and I am not ashamed to say that I actually found myself crying.

My only criticism is I wanted more.  Another good read that’s worth purchasing. I am looking forward to another book from Janine Cobain.

I'd like to thank Janine for sending us a copy of her eBook for Tanya to review.

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