Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Wish for 2015 is... Part One

I'm not normally a big one for making resolutions as I generally find that I break them far too quick but as 2014 has been an interesting year for me personally, both good and bad, I have decided that I need to try and look ahead to the future.  

So I decided to do this New Year's Day post to jot down a few things that I hope to do during 2015 but it would be boring if it was just me wittering on so I asked on Twitter whether anyone else would like to take part and had a very good response so this is the first of a few feature posts about what we are all hoping for during 2015.   

I have a few things that I hope to acheive during 2015, some will be more manageable than others so fingers crossed that I can at least acheive one of them but also a few changes that I'm having to reluctantly make.  

The first is one that I always say each year and that is to lose weight, due to a couple of health problems I have put on quite a bit of weight in the last few years and sadly these health issues also mean it's difficult for me to lose weight.  If anyone asks me if I am happy in myself I always say Yes as who wants to admit that they're not but I'm going to be honest now and admit that I'm not, I hate the way the weight gain has made me feel about myself, I mean if I cannot love myself then how can I expect anyone else to love me! 

This year is also likely to be a major turning point for me careerwise as I'm likely to be made redundant sometime in May (was supposed to have been this year but due to various reasons the plans changed and were delayed).  Although I've known for almost 2 years that this was going to happen I will still admit to being nervous about what the future holds as although we have advance notice there is nothing you can really plan for until you have a definite date for leaving.  

My current job is the only full-time job I have had and I've been there since I left school at 18 (so over 25 years!) so I'm dreading the whole applying for jobs and interview process.  Everyone keeps telling me this is the perfect opportunity to find my perfect job but unless I can find someone to pay me to read books all day I have no idea what I want to do.  I'll more than likely wait and see what jobs are available when the time comes and apply for any I think may suit me... I've been warned that it might take me a while to find a job I enjoy doing but fingers crossed I don't end up with one I hate...

And sadly I'm going to have to make a major change about reviewing.  At the moment I try and review every single book that is sent to me, whether requested or not, but this year it has totally become unmanageable as I would need to clone myself three times over to try and review for them all.  Every time I see the piles of books on my bedside table, without even taking into account the books on my Kindle, I feel guilty that I've not been able to read them in time.  So I'm going to have to learn to say No more and only say Yes to the books I really want to review, that way I can hopefully combine reviewing some current books with reducing my backlog although if I can redirect books to my fabulous supportive guest reviewers then I will.  

The final change I'm having to make is one that I hate myself for, but financially I just cannot afford to keep doing them, and that is giveaways.  Up to now I have been running monthly giveaways of books I've received but already read, pre-loved books as well as of books received that I'm not going to be able to review, but sadly I just cannot afford to keep doing these as it's costing me a fortune in postage.  So sadly I will be doing less giveaways this year but I am still hoping to be able to afford to run some, sorry as I know that a lot of regular followers enter these but I hope you understand why I'm having to take this step. 
Liz Barnsley
For my life to settle down so there is less uncertainty and more control over my own destiny. For my kids to be happy, healthy and full of fun. For everyone to send me ALL THE BOOKS IN THE WORLD so that I may pass on more reading joy. And for all my friends, family and the book community that has been so supportive over the last year, to all have the best year possible.

Happy Reading in 2015!
Tracy Shephard 
I suffer from severe depression due to a back injury, so my wish for 2015 is to plan my days so that I am doing something happy and active.

I also plan to lose some weight but I do that every year so we will see about that one. I want to learn to speak french, as it is my favorite country, i just love all things french. 

I have made a planner in my diary to remind me of my goals,so wish me luck in doing them.
Catriona Merryweather
In 2015 I would like to finish my novel. I've written the majority of the first draft, it just needs a few holes filling & then it's time to go back & edit. I'm determined that I'm going to finish it in 2015 & not just leave it like I did with last years work so that's what my wish for 2015 is.
What do I hope for/what would I like to do during 2015? Regarding books, reading and my blog I have joined in a challenge called "Double Dog Dare" that aims to reduce the TBR pile. For me this means a buying ban for the whole year. For the blog it means I will be reviewing less (only if a book is an ARC or the author's latest release).

Personally speaking I'd like to lose some weight as I've been on a bit of a slippery slope towards weight related health problems. Wish me luck, and good luck to everyone else with their aims and wishes for 2015.


  1. good post Sharon x best of luck for 2015 remember you are loved

  2. Great post Sharon, don't hate yourself re the giveaways you have been more than generous with all the super giveaways in 2014. I understand about the review books it can get overwhelming but remember I'm always here to help whenever I can.Best wishes for 2015 :)