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Guest Book Review: Jane Linfoot - The Vintage Cinema Club

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

Meet The Vintage Cinema Club….

Izzy is a wow at making unwanted things pretty, but with three brothers and her shabby chic furniture business to run she doesn’t have time to date. Could a fabulous French proposal change her mind?

Single mum Luce’s vintage bridal dresses are exquisite, but there’s no way she’s ever going to wear one or walk down the aisle for that matter. She’s a strictly no romance, one night kind of woman – or so she thinks…

Dida seems to have it all – a chocolate and banana cake recipe to die for, lovely kids (most of the time!) and a great lifestyle. But what good is a fabulous home, when your marriage has more cracks than a pavlova and your husband is having it off with half of Lithuania?

Three retro fabulous friends, in love with all things vintage, run their dream business from the faded grandeur of a rescued cinema. When that dream comes under threat, they’ll do whatever it takes to save it.

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I have to say that I loved the idea of this book before I even started as the cover is amazing with the ladies in the 50’s style dresses and the book did not disappoint.  The book is about a small group of people that set up vintage style shops from furniture to clothes in an old Vintage Cinema.  The book focuses on three main characters that happen to be best friends and all help run the Cinema.

Dida’s husband owns the cinema and at the start of the book we find him trying to sell the property on.  Dida and him do not get along very well and he is known for his arrogance and she suspects him of many affairs.  Together they have two children and Dida is only staying with him so that she remains comfortably off and living in the house she fondly calls Alport Towers.  Dida is a very determined person and is going to try her best to keep the cinema running as it is with her great friends.  She goes as far as to refuse all marital rights although for once this does not seem to bother Aidie, her husband.

Izzy is the furniture upcycler of the group and is often found rummaging in skips finding unwanted pieces that she can work on to sell at a profit... as the saying goes one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  This is actually where she meets Xander, another big character in the book, when she is discovered in his skip at his building site.  Izzy is a headstrong woman that does not mind speaking up for herself and often finds it hard to hold back.  She finds herself being responsible for her three brothers who all live with her although they are old enough to look after themselves.  Her story in the book is my favourite and I loved how her attitude changed.

Luce is a single mum of Ruby and she is also headstrong and determined not to let men in to interfere with her life.  She is the clothes designer of the three women and she finds herself often designing wedding dresses even though she does not believe in marriage.  She is known for her one night passionate stands and for not letting things go further.  She even finds that she is willing to push away men such as Izzy’s brother Ollie so that she doesn’t find herself committing to one person.

These three women are all great friends that find that the Vintage Cinema, and the people involved with it, have become great friends and that they will be devastated if it is taken away with them.  They try hard between them to keep the cinema under their control and to continue to use it to help their businesses thrive.

The things that happen in the book will have you laughing and feeling all sweet and tingly with the love and romance involved.  It’s a great feel good read and I really recommend you buy it.  Now all I need is that great figure for one of those dresses and maybe the confidence that these three ladies show in the way that they tackle things.

I'd like to thank Jane for sending us a copy of her eBook and Tanya for her fab review.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read The vintage Cinema Club Tanya, and thanks for a fab review. So pleased you enjoyed the book. Big thank you to Sharon for organising and hosting xx