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Guest Post: Confessions of a Bridesmaid by Sophie King

To celebrate the re-publication of her romantic comedy The Wedding Party, I'm delighted to welcome Sophie King back to the blog with an entertaining guest post about being a bridesmaid.

It looked as though all my dreams had come true! There I was, standing at the church door. Walking towards the handsome, funny man at the altar who had stolen my heart at the age of fifteen. The organist struck up Here Comes The Bride. We were off!

Except that I was the bridesmaid. Not the bride.

I first met Jim at a school disco and was, quite literally, swept off my feet at first sight! We dated for three months which was quite a long time in those days. And then he ended it. I’ve a horrible feeling that this had something to do with a Christmas present I gave him. My meagre savings from my weekend job meant I could only afford something small. So I bought him a bar of male soap. Well, after all, we women get soaps as presents so surely it was acceptable to do the same for a man? But presumably he took it as an insult (so you don’t think I wash?) and after that, he just stopped calling ...

Anyway, back to the wedding. About two years after Jim had broken my heart, I met someone else – also at a school disco. It turned out that his great friend was Jim. We began to go out as a foursome and I got on very well with Jim’s new girlfriend. Strangely, I didn’t feel any jealousy. After all, I’d just got engaged to Jim’s friend.

When Jim and his girlfriend announced their own engagement, they asked me to be bridesmaid! I was over the moon. I’d always wanted to be a bridesmaid and this was my first time. But there was one problem. I had long straight hair and the bride’s mother decided I ought to have a bit of a kink. She spent hours before the wedding, trying to get it the way she wanted. As a result, I ended up looking like a poodle. The bride, in contrast, looked radiant.

The sad thing is that I lost touch with Jim and his wife when I broke off my engagement to his friend. (Another story.) I’d like to think that they are still married all these years later. But it did make me wonder just how much influence a bridesmaid can have on a wedding. My own darling daughter, at the age of two, managed to disrupt my cousin’s niece’s nuptials by performing somersaults over the altar rail – encouraged by her four year old brother. That marriage didn’t last very long.

Then there was the bridesmaid who told the bride-to-be where she was going on her honeymoon. No one had warned her it was a secret. And yes, all right, I confess. I was that bridesmaid. The marriage lasted a year.

When I was researching stories for THE WEDDING PARTY, I came across another bridesmaid who hated her dress so much that she ‘accidentally’ spilt red wine over it the day before – and had to wear something else. The bride was furious. The groom said she was making a fuss. (The bridesmaid was his sister). And they are currently having a trial separation one year on.

The message is clear. Choose your bridesmaid carefully. When I first got married, I had my sister, my then best friend and my new sister-in-law. When I got married the second time, I didn’t have any. Draw your own conclusions ...

NOTE: Some of the names in this post have been changed!

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