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Guest Book Review: Emma Hamilton - Greedily Yours - Episode 6: Wedding Belles

Reviewed by Kelly Spillane

Episode 6 of 8: Mia Maxwell is eating her way around Palermo when an old flame invites her to a Sicilian wedding. But can she find her own romance on a moonlit night in amongst the vines on Sicily's coast, or will a series of misunderstandings derail Mia's chance at love? 

Greedily Yours is a serial novel about the quest for top dishes ... with a dash of accidental love. 

Mia Maxwell loves food. She loves it so much that she's made it her career. On the surface Mia seems to have it all sewn up. She lives in trendy east London with her best friend. By day she runs her own food PR consultancy, and by night she's a food blogger enjoying a burgeoning audience. Mia has a banker boyfriend who enjoys travelling the world, enabling her to taste the globe's culinary delights. But Mia is still hungry and, when she heads down to Cornwall to run a food festival, she doesn't realize that her entire life is about to be cast adrift. 

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Food Blogger Mia Maxwell is back in the sixth installment of the Greedily Yours series. This episode picks up exactly where the previous episode left off at the wedding in Sicily. Mia is attending the wedding as a favor to her ex Paul but when she arrives at the wedding and sets eyes on the gorgeous Tom, Mia is shocked to see him. The last time they made contact it didn't end well and she is shocked to see him and even more shocked to find out that the venue where the wedding is being held belongs to Tom's grandparents.  

Paul is back with a bang in this episode and he has become even more rude and unbearable than he was in the previous episodes. Mia has finally seen through Paul and now sees him for the nasty piece of work that he is. Paul is a character that the reader will love to hate. Hats off to the author for having the ability to create such a bad character in such a brilliant way. Tom and Mia meet again in this episode. There is such good chemistry between the two characters but misunderstandings keep standing in the way of them becoming a proper couple. The more I read about Tom, the more I grow to like him. Tom has been a strong character from the start, however I feel that he is the character that has developed the most throughout the episodes.  Massimo, Mia's guide around Sicily is a very strong character in this episode and I really enjoyed reading about his character. Lizzie takes more of a backseat in this episode even though she is in briefly, I would have liked to have seen more of her as I really like her character and the friendship she has with Mia is beautifully written. 

This installment takes place in Sicily and I feel that by sticking to the one location in this episode helped hugely with the storyline. As much as I enjoyed the previous installments, I felt that by Mia visiting two or three cities the story didn't flow as well as it did in this installment. Once again the descriptions of the locations and the food, especially the Cannoli, are outstanding throughout the episode. This episode was funny, I found myself laughing my way through most of this installment. I am really looking forward to reading the last two episodes but I am sad that I am nearly finished reading about Mia and her adventures. I can't recommend this series enough! 

I'd like to thank Hayley at ED PR for sending us Greedily Yours: Wedding Belles for Kelly to review.

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