Thursday, 21 January 2016

Louise's Review: Sunkissed by Carys Jones

Reviewed by Louise Wykes

Dawn Summers is dying. It’s 1853 and as the seventeen year old continues to fade away she has visions of the father she never knew, urging her to fight for her life. 

In the small village of Fandova the only medical care is in the form of the mysterious Dr. Moralus who has a known penchant for bloodletting. Thomas, Dawn's fiancé, is warned against inviting his intervention, but feels he has no choice, he pleads with the doctor to save Dawn’s life…whatever it takes.

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I have to confess that I have not read much before in the paranormal genre.  I enjoyed the classic Dracula by Bram Stoker and read Twilight when the films came out and enjoyed both immensely, but have yet to read anything else and I’m so glad I started with this spellbinding book which grabbed me from the start. 

Sunkissed opens in 1853 in America where Thomas is having to watch his fiancé Dawn Summers die in agony.  In his desperate attempts to save her life, he unwittingly sets events in motion that will see Dawn and then himself become vampires.  However, unbeknown to him (and at first Dawn) Dawn is not merely a vampire but a Daytreader which means she is able to survive in sunlight unlike other vampires which makes her even more powerful.  However Dawn is uncomfortable with her newfound power and attempts to escape Thomas who seems far more willing to embrace the bloodthirsty aspect of his new status. 

The book then moves 150 years into present day New York where Dawn is still attempting to live as normal a life as possible whilst constantly trying not to attract attention and to keep herself hidden from Thomas who is desperate to find Dawn again after all this time in an attempt to make use of Dawn’s special gifts. 

This was a rip-roaring rollercoaster of a story from the start which instantly swept me up in the action and adventure whilst touching my heart with its emotional core whereby Dawn is constantly fighting a battle to be more human than vampire and allowing her heart to be won by a human whilst trying to protect him from harm at the same time.  The historical detail was fascinating and it was interesting to see how the vampire community made use of modern technology to continue their quest for human blood in a contemporary setting.  There are deep emotions explored within this book which are vividly portrayed and the ending has just left me hoping that there will be a follow up to this book as I am entranced by Dawn and her endless quest to find peace and harmony whilst having to unwillingly fight dark forces. 

If you are after an exciting, fast paced adventure coupled with a beautiful love story then I can highly recommend this book.  I shall definitely be exploring this genre further together with the other works of the author.  Fantastic. 

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  1. Sounds like it was a good change for you. Have to admit this is not a genre I have ever read.