Thursday, 24 March 2016

Kelly's Review: Natalie's Getting Married by Rosa Temple

Reviewed by Kelly Spillane

Career minded, Natalie Spencer, had never been in love. She could never understand what all the fuss was about. But when she met Jackson Humphries during Fresher’s Week at university, that all changed. 

Utterly infatuated, Natalie quickly discovers the meaning of love and, before she knows it, she's heading up the aisle – for the first time, that is. 

This is a tale about four wedding dresses, a runaway groom and a girl who got so carried away, she couldn’t see true love staring her right in the face. 

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On her first day at university Natalie meets her best friend Gabe who she will be friends with for the rest of her life.  This is also the day that she first set eyes on Jackson, the man that she can't stop obsessing about.  But two years later when Natalie meets Jackson during Freshers week, while Gabe is off on the adventure of a lifetime, seeing the world, everything changes for Natalie.  Soon she's planned a wedding and is rushing up the aisle (for the first time), but is Natalie blinded by Jackson's charm that she missed the true love that may have been staring her in the face along.

Natalie's Getting Married was just the book that I needed to read, and what an absolute breath of fresh air it was.  I adored everything about it and I was hooked from the very first page.  This book is an easy read, and is lighthearted and doesn't take itself too seriously, which is what I loved about it.  It's one of the best romantic comedies that I have read to date because it is just that, a comedy.  Natalie's Getting Married had me laughing from the very first page and I had a constant smile on my face throughout the book.  

The character of Natalie is a true romantic and she falls in love very easily, which sees the introduction of the characters of Jackson and Liam, both of whom I adored, but both for very different reasons.  I loved Gabe, but it is the character of Natalie that really steals the show.  She is so loveable and easy to relate to.  In some ways everyone has a Natalie in their lives and I think she is probably one of the most relatable characters I have come across in recent years.  Natalie really stands out from other leading characters in this genre and there is a certain sparkle to her, that many other characters in books from this genre are missing.  The story is told in three parts, with each part ending in a wedding.  Each part sees Natalie open up a new chapter in her life and as the book goes on, I loved Natalie more and more.  

I've already been to Amazon to check if Rosa has any other books and I was delighted to find that she does.  There aren't words that will describe how much I enjoyed this book.  It's not very often that I find a book that I like as much as this one.  Rosa Temple has created such a wonderful story here and it is gearing up to be one of my favourite books of this year.  Truly funny and utterly absorbing, I can't recommend this book enough.

A huge 5 stars from me.

I'd like to thank Rosa Temple for sending us a copy of Natalie's Getting Married, and Kelly for her fabulous review.  

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