Thursday, 24 March 2016

Tanya's Review: Treasure of the Heart by Ruth Saberton

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips 

The heart is a deep ocean of treasure… 

For twenty-two years Issie Tremaine’s wild behaviour has driven her family to distraction. Now, with the future she’d dreamed of in tatters, she’s returned home to try and forget the past. When a huge winter storm and the arrival of a handsome stranger cause upheaval in the village there is an even greater tempest in Issie’s heart. Dare she trust again? Or will she only face more betrayal? 

As a professional treasure hunter, American Luke Dawson can’t risk any distractions. With his reputation hanging in the balance he’s staking everything on a major find in England and daren’t let anyone get in his way. Not even the passionate and free spirited girl he can’t stop thinking about. 

Alice Tremaine’s world has been her family. Since the death of her daughter-in-law she’s single handedly raised her grandchildren, often at the expense of her own happiness. Now they are grown up, Alice is resigned to a quiet life in Polwenna Bay until her past returns to challenge her and awaken a love she’d thought long lost… 

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Treasure of the Heart is the fourth of the books set in Polwenna Bay but can be read as a standalone if you've not read the others.  I have to say that I missed reading the third book in the series and, because it was a while since I encountered these characters, it took me a while to begin to know them again.  I did feel that at one point I did not know who was who, as there were so many characters, but I soon learnt who they were and the relationships between them all. I enjoyed the fact that the characters from the previous books are present in this one.  

The book is set in a gorgeous seaside village called Polwenna Bay in Cornwall and the setting is idealistic and very picturesque, the descriptions are very vivid and you can imagine yourself in the place.  You even read the characters speeches with a Cornwall accent.  This book focuses on Issie Tremaine and what develops when she uncovers the ship wreck during the storm of the Isabella.  This ship is famous as the smuggler Black Jack Jago was rumoured to have died smuggling the rich loot from the ship when it was wrecked on the rocks.  Black Jack Jago was an ancestor of Issie’s and she believes that a gold coin that she wears on a necklace is part of the cursed cargo of the ship.

The discovery of the ship brings Luke Dawson flying to Britain from America and the Key West in search of the lost treasure.  His family are known professional treasure hunters and he wants to use the discovery of the Isabella’s cargo to launch his own treasure hunting business.  However he does not factor into the equation how the history and setting of Cornwall and Issie Tremaine will affect his conscious.

There are also other side stories that keep you hooked during the book such as why did Issie give up university and what will happen between her Grandmother Alice and Jonny St Milton and what is the background story to their friendship.  I have to say that I liked most of the characters in this book and would be interested to meet them again.  I like how it is a feel good book but with some depth it also leaves you wanting to hear more about the characters that you meet.

I'd like to thank Ruth Saberton for sending Tanya a copy of Treasure of the Heart to review. 

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