Saturday, 3 December 2011

Books Read: Kate Harrison - The Secret Shopper Affair

Source - Bought (Sainsburys)

The secret shoppers return, best mates for ever - until men and money come between them...

Sandie is on a roll, with a baby on the way and her partner proposing every five minutes.  But when legendary Garnett's Department store is faced with bankruptcy, she knows she's the only one to save it.

For Emily, Sandie's perfect life is a bitter pill to swallow, especially as things aren't perfect a home.  As rifts grow, will she give in to new temptation?

Glamorous Grazia tries to play peacemaker, but she has problems of her own - including a new, needy lover.

Can the magic of retail bring the shoppers back together, or is it time to shut up show for good?  

This book is the third installment of the Secret Shopper series from Kate Harrison and picks up more or less where the last book finished with the lives of Emily, Sandie and Grazia so it is advisable to read the the other books in the series first before this one.

Emily and Will are still living together but they are definitely not living the picture-perfect live that Emily had imagined; Sandie is now pregnant and working as a consultant at her boyfriend Toby's department store, Garnett's, to try and bring it back to its former glory and Grazia has been swept off her feet by a new man, Joel, but is he all that he seems?

Unfortunately this book for me did nothing to make me like Emily as a character as it seemed to depict her as quite a whiney character, which didn't happen in previous books, so I found that I quite often wanted to skip through her chapters to get to the others.  Although things did improve towards the end to bring me around.

Overall, if you've read the previous books, then this is a pleasant read to find out where Emily, Sandie and Grazia's lives have ended up.  I'm not sure whether or not Kate Harrison is planning any more books in the series but this did seem to be a fitting conclusion if no more books to be brought out.

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