Friday, 30 November 2012

Books Read: Niamh Greene - A Message to Your Heart

Frankie Rowley is far too practical to believe in karma or fate...

And her family and friends reckon that work-obsessed Frankie's strongest relationship is with her phone.  (And why not?  At least it never judges her for cancelling dinner for the umpteenth time.)

When she loses that precious phone on a business trip to San Francisco, Frankie is forced to hire a replacement.  Soon she's getting texts meant for someone else - a woman called Aimee who seems like a lot of fun, and whose family clearly loves to keep in touch - and whose presence in her life is the last thing that Frankie needs.

Frankie goes on the warpath, but she is in for some surprises when she blunders into Aimee's world.  And the biggest surprise of all is how your life can be changed forever by losing a phone.

Frankie may not believe in karma or fate, but suddenly it looks like they've got her number...

Having read Niamh Greene's Demented Housewife books before I was looking forward to reading A Message to Your Heart so I was extremely grateful when Penguin sent me a copy of it to review.

Frankie is a workaholic, much to the annoyance of her family and friends, but she needs to be since she decided to branch out on her own and set up her own literary agency. She needs to find some new clients and fast as with only one successful client on her books she's constantly fighting to keep the bank manager at bay...

So she heads off to San Francisco to try and get a reclusive author to sign up with her agency to enable her to try and talk him into writing a sequel to his successful previous book but things don't quite go to plan.

Somehow on the plane she manages to lose her phone... which has her whole schedule mapped out on it... she feels lost without it as if she's missing a limb.  How will she cope without it?  Larger than life Rosie, her companion on the plane, suggests to Frankie that she hires a phone until the airline finds her own phone but this is when the fun really starts as she starts to receive messages that are not for her... what do they mean and who are they really for?  Will she ever find out?

This was a hilarious story with some interesting characters but have to confess I actually loved Rosie more so than Frankie.  Rosie was just so enthusiastic with everything and everyone that she met you just can't help but fall in love with her.

Having read three of Niamh Greene's books now, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more in the future.

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