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Countdown to Christmas Day 21: Festive Fun Q&A with Louise

The first of today's Countdown to Christmas features is a festive fun Q&A with Louise who has done a guest review for me but also reviews at She Loves to Read.

What are you looking forward to most this Christmas?
As my husband works away a lot of the time and I live a long way from my mum, I am really looking forward to spending time at home with my family with no pressure or work commitments. Also, as my little girl is nearly 3, this is the first year she really understands about Christmas so it is magical seeing Christmas through her eyes for the first time. 

Do you do the whole traditional Christmas dinner or have alternative? 
Well it’s the first time I will be cooking a Christmas lunch with all the trimmings so am hoping it will all turn out well – do takeaways open on Christmas Day?! 

What’s your favourite Christmas song or carol?
My favourite carol is Silent Night, it’s so simple and the melody is beautiful. My favourite version so far is the one by Michael Buble. 

What film do you hope to curl up and watch on Christmas afternoon? 
If it was up to me, I would watch Love Actually or White Christmas but with a toddler in the house I think it will either be The Snowman or Father Christmas (which I love too!) 

Do you have a favourite Christmas book that you read again and again? 
Although I don’t usually like Charles Dickens, I love A Christmas Carol. I have Scarlett Bailey’s Just for Christmas to read too and think this may be one I will get out again and again. 

Which singer/band would you like to turn up carol singing at your door?
I really think Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are the cutest couple ever and bet they would be fantastic entertainment! 

Which celebrity would you like to snog under the mistletoe?
Colin Firth of course but would have to be in breeches though :) 

What’s top of your wishlist this Christmas? 
A time machine so I could have time to read all the books that I have left from this year before I start on 2014!! Either that or Mary Berry’s autobiography!!

If you could do one good deed for someone less fortunate than yourself this Christmas, what would it be?
I think it’s so sad that there are people who are hungry or lonely on Christmas Day and would like to spend one Christmas with a homeless charity who help provide a place for the homeless to get warm and enjoy a good meal on Christmas Day or maybe a charity who help the elderly who would otherwise be on their own at Christmas. 

A few final quickfire questions to close...

Tree: real or artificial? Artificial – pre-lit as I hate putting Christmas lights on!

Fairy Lights: White or Multi-Coloured? White with multi-coloured decorations.

Drink: Mulled Wine or Bucks Fizz? Bucks Fizz. 

Food: Mince Pies or Xmas Pud? Mince Pie Fairy Cakes (own recipe)

Games: Monolopy, Trivial Pursuit or something else? Trivial Pursuit – bring out the 
competitiveness in everyone :) 

Thanks Sharon for letting me be part of your Christmas feature. I wish you and everyone a very Merry Christmas! 

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