Monday, 3 February 2014

Books Read: Zana Bell - Close to the Wind

What would you give to be free?

Georgiana da Silva is catapulted out of the Victorian drawing rooms and into a world of danger when she escapes her fiendish fiance to engage in a mad dash across the world to save her brother before an unknown assassin can find him. 

Meanwhile, Captain Harry Trent is setting sail for New Zealand. With a mission to complete and the law on his heels, he's got enough trouble of his own without further complications. 

Thrown together, unable to trust anyone, Georgiana and Harry are intent on fulfilling their missions despite the distractions of the other. But liberty comes at a price and the closer they get, the more they must question the true cost of being free.

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The inspiration for this feature week for Choc Lit came as I was looking at different ways to try and clear some of the outstanding reviews in my TBR pile, which includes 4 of their titles, so I've decided to do a few feature weeks for different publishers to clear the outstanding reviews I have for them combined with a few other features.  

In Close to the Wind we meet Georgiana a young woman who's living with her aunt and expected to marry her cousin Jasper.  But when she overhears a conversation she realises that her brother Charlie is in danger in New Zealand, where he'd gone to seek his fortune in the gold mines, so she decides to run off to warn him in person. The trouble is that no captain in his right mind is going to take her as herself so she decides to use her acting skills to pass herself off as a young teenage boy George Miller.

Enter Harry Trent who is setting off to New Zealand for his own reasons, whose path crosses with George during an eventful night, and despite his initial concern decides to offer him passage on his ship Sally.  But of course it's not long before George's disguise is uncovered which causes Harry a headache or two as to what to do to protect her from a ship full of men and of course his own desires that are simmering beneath the surface.

This was an action packed story right from the first page which drew me into the exploits of both Georgiana and Harry as they encountered their fair share of drama during their travels.  Along the way they come into contact with an interesting mix of characters, some of whom seem to be too good to be true so Georgiana needs to learn fast just who she can trust...

Close to the Wind had it all for the perfect escapism read, a feisty independent woman, a handsome hero with his own secrets, mystery and intrigue as well as a few villains thrown in for good measure, what more could you want?  

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  1. It certainly is an entertaining, swash buckling read! Lovely review, thank you.