Monday, 9 June 2014

Guest Book Review: Jules Wake - Talk to Me

Reviewed by Tanya Phillips

Olivia and Daniel certainly aren’t talking the language of love… 

Olivia has been in love with Daniel forever but, despite her best efforts, they’ve never been able to get it together. Their relationship has always been a series of mixed messages and misunderstandings and the final straw comes when Daniel mysteriously starts dating her flatmate, Emily. Hurt and confused, Olivia resolves to forget her heartache with a spot of speed dating. After all, what could possibly go wrong? 

One crazy stalker later and Olivia’s life is becoming increasingly strange and scary. Can she rely on Daniel to step in when events take a terrifying turn or will their communication breakdown ultimately result in tragedy?

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Talk to Me is Jules Wake’s first novel and a really good one it is too.  Olivia and Daniel have been friends since university and both had been hoping to get together properly the night of her brother's party.  However he ended up spending the night with her flat mate and colleague Emma instead and Olivia struggled to accept this which affected their easy going relationship. 

To stop her sister and her mother nagging her she agrees to go on a speed dating night that her cousin organises, she is accompanied by Emma who doesn’t want to stay in on her own.  I love the type of questions that Olivia asks and her opinions of the men that attend it. 

The story involves lies from her so called friend Emma, stalking and gets very dramatic towards the end.  There is a sub plot involving Olivia’s sister and a famous rugby player and an important premier involving an actress wearing a dress covered in lipstick shade kisses.  

I recommend that anyone who wants a laugh out loud in place book that is easy to read to pick this one up. 

I'd like to thank Liz at Choc Lit for sending me a copy of this eBook and Tanya for reviewing it for the blog. 

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