Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Food & Drink Month: Q&A with Carole Matthews

As part of this Food & Drink feature month I contacted a few authors to see if they'd like to be a part in what I hope readers will think is a fun foodie Q&A and I was delighted with the response.  First up into the spotlight I'm delighted to welcome bestselling author Carole Matthews whose latest book The Chocolate Lovers' Wedding was published earlier this year.  Despite winning a set of all four Chocolate Lovers' books, the first two I read when they were originally published, I still haven't managed to find the time to read the final two The Chocolate Lovers' Christmas and The Chocolate Lovers' Wedding... not enough hours in the day! 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your writing journey?
I live in Costa de Keynes with my partner, Lovely Kev and a cardboard cutout of The Queen. I like champagne, cake and chocolate. 

I had my first book – Let’s Meet on Platform 8 – published 19 years ago, so I’ve been kicking around for quite a while now. I’m currently writing book 30 which seems like quite a milestone. 

The Chocolate Lovers Wedding is the fourth book featuring the ladies from the Chocolate Lovers Club, can you give us a brief hint as to what we can expect? 
Fun, laughs, love and tears. Oh, and LOTS of chocolate. 

What inspired you to return to the ladies from the Chocolate Lovers Club after so many years?   Were you worried at all about the time gap between the first two books and these latest two books? 
I had so many messages and emails over the years asking for more about these ladies, that it was always on my mind. The decision to do it was sparked by a reader tweeting me and I thought why not? It seemed as if the time was right. I wasn’t too worried about the gap. A lot of readers have gone back to read the first two books which is great.

Which character did you  have the most fun creating, Lucy, Nadia, Autumn or Chantal?    
Lucy. She’s waaaaaay too much like me. : ) xx 

Describe your cooking style, follow recipes religiously or wing it and see how it turns out? 
Follow recipes religiously and only a few cooks too. I can’t be doing with all these celeb cooks whose recipes don’t work! Give me Mary Berry or Delia any day. Oh, and a bit of Jamie Oliver. 

If you were going to apply to be a contestant on a cooking show, would it be Masterchef or Great British Bake Off? 
Bake Off. I’m a keen baker, but I still fall woefully short of the standard required now. I am the Queen of the Cupcake though and I make a mean brownie.

You're planning a dinner party, which 5 people (dead or alive) would you invite?  
Mary Berry. We love Mezza Bezza at Matthews’ Towers. She is a big fan of my books and I love her to bits. What a role model. 

It's your last day on earth, what 3 course meal would you choose?
Strangely, I have given this a lot of thought over the years! I don’t even need 3 courses. I’d have a range of good cheeses, homemade granary bread and soup – don’t mind which flavour. I’d follow it with chocolate mousse and lots of champagne. 

What's your favourite dish to cook? 
This is my current fave. So easy and it comes out wonderfully every time. I love the BBC Good Food website for ideas

And now for a few quickfire questions to finish ;-)

Gordon Ramsay or Marco Pierre White? Can’t bear either.
Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry? Mezza Bezza! 
Sweet or Savoury? Savoury. Despite my love of cake.
Steak or Lobster? My preference is lobster, but I’m allergic to all shellfish now.
Profiteroles or Crumble? Crumble.

Thank you for having me! Cheers! Carole : ) xx 

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